Chemicals, Oil & Gas

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As in other sectors, companies in the chemical sector are currently undergoing serious changes which will affect their way of doing business. Consolidation, globalisation, health care and environmental protection issues, management of research and development, cost cutting and e-business are only some of the challenges affecting the sector’s operations.

PwC has considerable experience in providing services to enterprises in the chemical sector. Our partners and qualified specialists offer modern solutions to clients in over 40 countries. We use a network of international links, knowledge, experience and understanding of the sector and business to build mutual trust and value for our clients.

We are a leading provider of advisory services for companies operating in the chemical sector all over the world. Our leading position in this regard enables us to invest more in our knowledge of the specific nature of the Chemicals, Oil & Gas. The companies in this sector can take advantage of our initiatives which will affect the nature and quality of their services.

Please check the list of PwC services addressed to the chmical sector companies: