Until now, Google has been the major player when it comes to maps. Apple launched its own services a few years after Google, but couldn’t catch up on that market. However, now it may change, since Apple plans to use drones to improve its maps. | More

The variety of drones available on the market is constantly growing and so is the amount of commercial application of them. A tethered drone is another interesting one. | More

The brand new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg is designed to be a new landmark of the city. It combines modern architecture, amazing designs and classical performances. The place has opened to the new technologies so much, that it even offers a virtual tour powered by a drone. | More

Recently, Amazon made its first ever drone delivery to an actual customer. It took place on December 7th, near Cambridge in the UK, in a zone which was designated for test drone flights. | More

Trees in Whitaker’s Forest, California are objects of precise studies of Berkely University scientists. In last 6 years more than 100 million trees drought, what caused great upset among researchers. | More

One of the biggest limitations to drones is their relatively short battery life-time. Average UAV can fly for around 30 minutes, and creation of a one, that can be in the air for much longer, became the main challenge for the industry. | More

Yesterday, the Foundation Mikromakro Institute (Fundacja Instytut Mikromakro) published a report about Polish drone market. The value of Polish drone market in 2016 is estimated for PLN 201.31m and it grew by 22% in comparison to 2015. | More

A new study released by PwC entitled Clarity from above: transport infrastructure describes the immediate possible applications of drone technology in the road and railway sectors. | More

The market for drones is growing steadily and so is the one for anti-drone systems.| More

On 23rd and 24th November 2016 in Warsaw we could witness the High Level Conference on Drones   titled “Drones as a leverage for jobs and new business opportunities” | More

American scientists developed a drone which is controlled by a human brain. The discussion about robots controlled simply by brain activity is out there for quite a while, but now the technology came into existence. | More

Drones can not only fly, but also swim! An entrepreneur from South Africa invented a drone called WasteShark which has a taste for garbage. | More

Commercial usage of drone technology is growing and number of drones in the air is constantly increasing.  Apart from numerous advantages, drones also pose a challenge e.g. for airports. A missing drone in a no-fly zone around the airport cause delays, huge loss of money and incredible danger. | More

Application of drone technology is becoming more and more popular. It seems that drone lights can be used to increase safety and lighten the way for pedestrians. | More

China is a perfect country to test drone delivery solutions. While in e.g. US or other countries regulations limit the opportunities, in China the government allows for testing new usages of drones despite not fully regulated drone environment. | More

New startup - Sunflower Labs, plans to substitute traditional alarm system with drones. It wants to turn drones into private guardian angels for homes. | More

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