Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software drones are able to perform flights without a human pilot. The new software was introduced by a start-up Exyn Technologies and allows drone navigation through dark, indoor and off-grid environments. | More

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in numerous industries. But till now, they were purely unmanned vehicles, and carried only equipment, never humans. The situation may soon change as Dubai plans to introduce drone taxis. | More

It is clear that drones are widely used in industries such as agriculture, transport and infrastructure. But nowadays drone technology has a big potential to revolutionize professional sports. Sport industry is worth billion dollars which encourages the implementation of new technologies that will help to gain additional benefits. | More

Last weekend the eyes of majority of Americans turned to the Super Bowl Show. Apart from the game itself, the advertisements are big part of the whole event. As drones become increasingly popular, they were present there as well. | More

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Securing Smart Cities released the Establishing a Safe and Secure Municipal Drone Program report about the use of drones in urban agglomeration. The authors of the report emphasized that drones will play a significant role in smart cities. | More

The European Commission is planning to implement rules for operations of small drones within European Union area. The goal of EC is to “make drones part of the European citizens’ daily lives by 2019.” | More

Avalanches in ski resorts are one of the biggest dangers to safety. Triggering controlled avalanches after heavy snow falls is a commonly used practice, but it is actually more difficult than it seems. The new idea is to use drones for that purpose. | More

Global warming and melting Arctic see ice are growing concerns around the world. Drones will be used to explore the Arctic, better understand the problem and support research on climate change. | More

Hi-tech gadgets are present in any industry nowadays, and it is no different with those for fishermen. Fishing enthusiasts already have electronic bite alarms, carbon-fiber rods or specialized clothing, but a swimming drone which aids fishing itself, is a novelty. | More

During the last few days the eyes of the whole world turned to Davos, where all most important decision-makers, politicians, academics and influential leaders of today’s world met. | More

Recently, we released a new movie showing how we combine best in class experience in strategy consulting with specialized knowledge regarding advanced image data analytics and newest innovations offered by artificial intelligence or machine learning. | More 

Until now, Google has been the major player when it comes to maps. Apple launched its own services a few years after Google, but couldn’t catch up on that market. However, now it may change, since Apple plans to use drones to improve its maps. | More

The variety of drones available on the market is constantly growing and so is the amount of commercial application of them. A tethered drone is another interesting one. | More

The brand new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg is designed to be a new landmark of the city. It combines modern architecture, amazing designs and classical performances. The place has opened to the new technologies so much, that it even offers a virtual tour powered by a drone. | More

Recently, Amazon made its first ever drone delivery to an actual customer. It took place on December 7th, near Cambridge in the UK, in a zone which was designated for test drone flights. | More

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