Current Challenges Facing Retail Sector

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The pace of development of Poland’s information society and ever growing number of Internet users who surf the web looking for information on products and services make on-line sales channel implementation more a necessity than just innovation.

In Poland, 96% of enterprises and more than 63% of households already have unlimited access to the Internet1. Among enterprises, 65.5% declared in 2010 that they had their own website, while 9.9% of them (as compared to 7.1% in 2009) admitted their website was aimed at ordering or booking goods or services on-line.

The value of the Polish e-commerce market is growing and was estimated in 2010 at more than PLN 15.5 billion, with 24 million Internet users2. Statistics clearly show that on-line presence is becoming a necessity rather than a way to stand out in the market.

The development of the virtual world provides enterprises with new opportunities to present and offer their products and services.



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