Clarity from above

PwC global report on the commercial applications of drone technology

$127.3 bn

Value of global market for drone powered business solutions

Industries with best prospects for drone applications:

infrastructure, agriculture, transport

$45.2 bn

Value of prospective drone applications in global infrastructure projects

The drone revolution is disrupting industries ranging from agriculture to filmmaking.

The application of drone technologies in existing business processes is allowing companies from those industries to create new business and operating models.

According PwC's study on the commercial applications of drone technology, the emerging global market for business services using drones is valued at over $127 bn. This is the value of current business services and labour that are likely to be replaced in the very near future by drone powered solutions, according to PwC predictions.


"Clarity from above seeks to quantify the impact of drones on business by examining commercial applications of drone technology across industry sectors. As this is not only about machines (drones) but their broader applications, we have decided to use the term drone powered solutions."

Michał Mazur, Partner, Drone Powered Solutions

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Drone Powered Solutions is also the name of PwC's global centre of excellence focusing on the commercial use of drone technology.

It was created in Poland - a country which in 2013 became the first in the world to introduce a complete legal framework and institutions regulating the commercial use of drones.

Richard Abadie, PwC Global Capital Projects and Infrastructure Leader

"Drone applications will be a vital technology in the capital project of the future, and so we are advising project owners to place themselves at the leading edge of the innovation wave, to gain an optimum return on their investment."

Vicki Huff, Global Technology, Entertainment, Media & Communications Leader

"As drone software and hardware capabilities continue to grow, companies big and small are finding fascinating ways to incorporate drones into their business models. This is a trend we expect to continue accelerating over the next five years."

Adam Krasoń, CEO, PwC Poland

"Poland is paving the way, and we encourage regulatory bodies and industries in other countries to take a closer look at the drone industry as a potential source of growth and synergies, enabling business to expand into new segments and markets."

Piotr Romanowski, CEE Advisory Leader

"Drone technology is only now entering commercial use beyond recreational or experimental applications. This is driven by a combination of technological development, creation of regulatory frameworks and growing awareness and readiness of companies to adopt drone powered solutions in their daily operations. The range of potential use cases across industries is broad and their economics compelling."

Julian Smith, Global Transport & Logistics Leader

“Companies such as online retailers, food delivery chains and infrastructure operators are constantly investigating solutions that can reduce costs, decrease reaction time and improve continuity of operations. As of now drones have great potential to deliver on all of those metrics."

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