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Sound risk management is an opportunity and a competitive advantage, but only quick identification and risk management enable companies to build the strong position on the market

A swift information on new risks and their impact on the business, thus assurance that the risk management mechanisms are effective, are essensial in achieving the business goals.


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This application will change approach to risk management and is a breakthrough solution that brings about new quality of work and information: for teams, for directors, for the management and supervisory boards




enforce ® is a tool created by PwCs' practitioners enabling quick risk identification and its management in organisation

It supports the compliance, internal audit and their teams work. enforce is tailored to the organisation needs:


combining three functions: risk management, compliance and internal audit



user-friendly interface in local language and easy navigation, enables establishing sequence of tasks



enables effective data access management



streamlines the teams’ work, developed by practitioners for practitioners



tailored to the firm’s existing documents, the application adapts to the process and not vice versa


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