Cyber Security

Digital is a matter of science not fiction

The business challenge

A cyber attacker went after a biscuit producer using standard hacking tools, causing the industrial control systems to crash and costing the company two weeks of output.

Dough hardened in the tubes of the stalled machinery, causing complete destruction of the production line, which needed to be rebuilt. 

Our approach

The objective was to identify the most important cybersecurity threats to the production plant.

We ran complex industrial control system scans, including risk-oriented scanning of all ICS/SCADA systems, integration into risk and vulnerability management, and verification of measurements. We also ran repeatable scans on the infrastructure.


The production plant received a detailed view of ICS threats.

Based on our comprehensive approach, we prepared a cybersecurity architecture and a roadmap for the company, as well as a technology implementation plan for reducing cyberattack vectors, securing future business and mitigating ICS-related risks.


costs one hour of disruption manufacturing


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