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“I initially thought Robotic Process Automation was another fancy word for something that will go away as quickly as it showed up on the market. The RPA Pilot implementation for my operations actually proved me wrong. This is a sustainable solution making my guys’ lives easier.”

Client, Global Forest Industry SSC CEO

The business challenge

The client, a global bank, aimed to reduce manual, repetitive and time consuming tasks performed by its staff. The expected result of the engagement was to build capacity for the client’s staff to move into different roles and allow them to focus more on analytical, innovative and challenging work. 

More than 70%

reduction of manual tasks

Our approach

PwC reviewed the client’s processes and selected the best candidates for RPA implementation. We provided an end-to-end robotics solution, including process definition, solution design, development, testing and production deployment.

We took care of process assessment and selection for further automation. The second step was to create project documentation (Process Definition and Solution Design Documents). We also performed full bot design, development and tests of the RPA solution. Once our developers were happy with the results, user acceptance testing and presentation of the completed solution was performed. The last part of the process was to deploy the RPA solution in the production environment.

Thanks to our deep professional experience, we were able to offer the best and most fitting solution to the client’s needs: a dedicated robot that performed all tasks and processes as well as a human would.


The successful RPA solution automated parts of processes, and brought significant benefits to the client and its staff. From an organisational change management perspective, the initial implementation was the very first step of the entire RPA journey, but the most important one.

The Client calculated savings of:

  • Up to 3,330 hours (per month) of manual, repeatable work replaced by the RPA solution
  • Up to 23 FTEs released from manual work and moved to more complex tasks
  • Up to €750,000 / year of processing costs saved by implementing RPA

Other benefits included reducing process errors to zero and therefore eliminating the cost of fixing them, and increasing employee satisfaction by eliminating repetitive tasks.


hours per month saved

PwC has again proven to be a trusted advisor, proving their understanding and appreciation of my business. RPA is an IT solution, which I, as business, can not only understand but also drive myself, since it doesn’t require professionals’ support after implementation.”

Client, KYC/AML Operational Head


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