The West Sussex County Council is using drones to examine bridges in the county. Until now inspections were carried out by human in hard to reach and hazardous infrastructure which created the potential risk to their health. The use of drones ensures high safety standards and provide additional cost savings. | More

The mechanical engineers from Oklahoma State University are developing drone that will be able to examine weather conditions and predict appearance of tornado. Until now traditional methods provided alert time of 13 minutes, with drones this time could be extended to an hour.| More

Thanks to the new drone software farmers are provided with real time images of crops even in the places without internet connection. This solution helps to gather more detailed data while drone is still operating and quickly detect any deficiencies. | More

A great potential of drones for commercial, short-distance shipment is already widely known and tested around the world, but a new startup from California, may revolutionize transpacific cargo shipment as well. | More

Recently Walmart introduced drones in order to transport shopping around the store. The company has been granted a patent when it comes to utilizing drones for moving goods from one department to another and delivering it directly to the customers. | More

Police forces in Devon and Cornwall are planning to create 24-hour drone unit. Flying devices will be used to help officers to investigate crimes, search for missing people and monitor roads accidents. | More

In this planting season Mada (Muda Agriculture Development Authority in Malaysia) decided to revolutionize the spraying of pesticides in paddy fields and use drones for this purpose. Drones are equipped with the 10 litre tank together with GPS and will be able to spray 20 ha within one day. | More

While the flying indoors is strictly prohibited, companies are trying to find a way to make it more useful and solely fun activity.

Since GPS signal as used in most of the drones to determine the flight trajectory cannot be used indoors scientists had to come up with different solutions. Vision-based algorithms that automatically understand the surrounding can lead to drone making its own way through automatic navigation decisions. | More

Thanks to the decrease in solar panels prices companies started to look for the new technologies to develop the solar power plants market. New softwares, sensors and use of drones allow them to cut costs and in the near future to be able to compete with fossil fuel power. | More

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software drones are able to perform flights without a human pilot. The new software was introduced by a start-up Exyn Technologies and allows drone navigation through dark, indoor and off-grid environments. | More

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in numerous industries. But till now, they were purely unmanned vehicles, and carried only equipment, never humans. The situation may soon change as Dubai plans to introduce drone taxis. | More

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