Special, dedicated software which uses artificial intelligence distinguishes sharks, dolphins and surfers in real time with higher accuracy than human eye. The system’s algorithm was trained by using publicly available aerial videos of sharks. | More

In addition to their commercial use in various areas of the economy, drones are also proving to be helpful tools for communities dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters, such as the recent violent storms that ravaged Poland leaving great devastation in their wake| More 

Queensland University of Technology with the State Government is introducing a two year project which will use drones and high resolution imagery in order to provide data about koalas abundance. |More

Drones are nowadays used for a growing number of purposes ranging from commercial application to pure entertainment. But few month ago, Japanese team started to work on a drone which will try to do a bumblebee’s job. | More

Facebook’s drone Aquila, which will beam internet from the sky, has successfully completed its first test flight. | More

Across the African savanna, 25,000 elephants and 1,000 rhinos are killed by poachers each year, according to some estimates. At this rate, they’ll be extinct within two decades. | More

Researchers from the University of California work on a system which allows for 3D mapping of objects inside of buildings. By using simply drones and Wi-Fi, the system allows to literally see through walls.| More

The West Sussex County Council is using drones to examine bridges in the county. Until now inspections were carried out by human in hard to reach and hazardous infrastructure which created the potential risk to their health. The use of drones ensures high safety standards and provide additional cost savings. | More 

The mechanical engineers from Oklahoma State University are developing drone that will be able to examine weather conditions and predict appearance of tornado. Until now traditional methods provided alert time of 13 minutes, with drones this time could be extended to an hour.| More

Thanks to the new drone software farmers are provided with real time images of crops even in the places without internet connection. This solution helps to gather more detailed data while drone is still operating and quickly detect any deficiencies. | More

A great potential of drones for commercial, short-distance shipment is already widely known and tested around the world, but a new startup from California, may revolutionize transpacific cargo shipment as well. | More

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