Fishing drone

27/01/17 | Tags: BusinessFunInnovations

Hi-tech gadgets are present in any industry nowadays, and it is no different with those for fishermen. Fishing enthusiasts already have electronic bite alarms, carbon-fiber rods or specialized clothing, but a swimming drone which aids fishing itself, is a novelty.

The device is called PowerRay and by taking pictures or recording videos, it helps to explore the underwater world. The life view from underwater can be viewed on a screen on the control unit, on a smartphone, or even on VR googles. The drone has a fish detector, and producer claims that it can distinguish between species, as well as help the angler to target the objects. It can also carry a hook or emit a light which is appealing to fish.

The technology attracted significant interest at CES show of consumer electronics in Las Vegas recently. For now, the drone has to be tethered to the operator, but it is already researched, how to improve the future versions and make the fishing drone autonomous.   


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