Drone technologies

Drones and the unique quality of data delivered by them as a new dimension of the maturity of operational processes

How can your business reach a higher level of efficiency of operational processes?

Expertly prototyped and comprehensively adapted drone technologies are able to maximize the potential of your business.  Drones are a powerful tool for many industries.  They have revolutionized the way in which a company can collect high-quality data, which enables you to make faster and better business decisions. 

Drones are a tool that we use in our drone technology team (Drone Powered Solutions).  We focus on the strategy of using drones and its practical deployment in everyday operational processes.  Drone technology is also an analysis of the data collected by the drones, which constitute a support for your business.



We have created an application that integrates, manages and delivers the drone collected data in one convenient, easy to use interface of a web browser.  It is a tool for measuring and analysing geospatial data and also for integration with data from your company.  The application is adjustable and modular, while the available image data in it is easily comparable as a result of its quantification.

All operations, including data integration, conducted on cloud servers, which solves the problem of slowing down computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.  In addition, the data is securely stored in accordance with the strictest PwC data assurance.


What will your company gain as a result of drone technology?


You can trust our experience in preparing a strategy for using drone technology in your industry.


Data collection

We plan and implement in the field drone operations. Drones, equipped with different types of sensor, provide precise data, which gives powerful analytical capabilities and contribute to the high quality of the end product.


Data analysis

We provide the data collected through Geospatial. App. Integration, analysis of image data and designing 3D models takes place at this stage. We use artificial intelligence algorithms to automate analytics.


Reporting and delivery

Quickly collected and analysed data is provided in the form of reports, which enable you to make the right business decisions. Everything takes place in the cloud, which gives direct access to the results from anywhere and any device.


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