Drone technologies

The drones themselves, as well as the unique quality of data they deliver, make them a relevant tool for multiple industries

With over 1.75 mln drones and 203 k pilots registered solely in the US according to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), drone technologies are already upending business models and reshaping industry landscapes, ranging from agriculture to filmmaking. 

In the very near future, with authorities all over the world working on low traffic management solutions to enable BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) and automated flights, clients in all areas of the economy will begin to see the impact of drones on their operational processes.

Drone powered solutions are best suited to sectors that require both high quality of data and mobility. Specifically, businesses that manage assets dispersed over large areas have a long history of issues that new drone solutions can fix. Broad capital projects, infrastructure maintenance, and agriculture will benefit greatly from integrating drones into day-to-day business. Insurance and mining will have to consider potential process improvements as they gain new levels of data quality and accessibility. And the entire transport industry will surely change its concept of last-mile delivery.


PwC Drone Powered Solutions Center of Excellence provides comprehensive support to PwC clients worldwide in multiple areas

Transactions support with Remote Asset Insights

Delivery of digital portfolios of assets for transaction or audit purposes in the COVID-19 travel restrictions environment.

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Strategic advisory

Strategic consulting for a variety of clients: start-ups, established players entering the drone sector, governmental entities and ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers).

Technology and operations

Advisory on the drone technology selection and integration into operational processes for a specific industry.

Image data processing and analytics

Image data processing and analytics delivering technical products and analytical reports.

Delivery software – Geospatial.App

An application that integrates, manages and delivers the drone collected data in one convenient, easy to use interface of a web browser. It is a tool for measuring and analysing geospatial data and also for integration with data from your company. The application is adjustable and modular, while the available image data in it is easily comparable as a result of its quantification.

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