Leaders of Electromobility in Poland announced

During the COP24 climate summit in Katowice (Poland), Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA) and the PwC advisory firm have recapitulated the results of their Polish e-mobility market survey and rewarded six companies most involved in the development of zero- and low-emission transport. The leaders of electromobility in Poland are: BMW Group Polska, Ekoenergetyka-Polska, GARO Polska, GreenWay Polska, Magenta Grupa TAURON and Nissan Sales CEE.

Six titles of ‘Electromobility Leader 2018’ were awarded in the ranking. The winners received their statuettes and diplomas on the Polish pavilion at the COP24. The event was attended by Jadwiga Emilewicz, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology, and Krzysztof Tchórzewski, Minister of Energy.

Poland has great potential in terms of electromobility, but it has to be stated clearly: we are just at the beginning of this road. The “2018 Electromobility Leader” survey is to recognise companies that cross the routes, companies most involved in the development of sustainable transport, companies who will make Polish economy innovative and provide competitive growth in the world.

Maciej Mazur, Managing Director of the Polish Alternative Fuels Association

Overcoming further barriers in terms of coverage, infrastructural availability, or the constantly increasing prices of electric vehicles will make electromobility popular. That moment is close at hand and even today, this means changes for many industries, services, and even society.

Piotr Michalczyk, Partner at PwC, Leader of the automotive sector consulting team

Ranking for Innovators

The ‘Electromobility Leader 2018’ ranking was prepared on the basis of a survey conducted by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association and PwC from September to November 2018. This is the first edition of the initiative showing the condition of the Polish electromobility market and indicating the entities most involved in its development. The survey involved 116 companies and institutions.

Each of the survey questionnaires contained over 160 questions on such issues as electric vehicles used, plans to purchase them, expected financial outlays on infrastructure, current offer of e-mobility products and services, etc. Companies represented nearly the entire electromobility value chain, including manufacturers of vehicles, charging infrastructure, components, as well as financial institutions, fleet users, and even technology recipients have participated in our survey.

Marcin Bagiński, deputy director at PwC

Vehicle manufacturers included in the survey assume 100% (year to year) sales growth, both in 2019 and in 2020. The increase in the number of chargers sold by infrastructure manufacturers is expected to be of 98% in 2019 and of 162% in 2020. Among the observable trends, we should also emphasise the following: including sustainable transport in the corporate mission, creating corporate positions dedicated to electromobility, as well as educational and marketing activities in this area.

Łukasz Witkowski from the Polish Alternative Fuels Association

The title of ‘Electromobility Leader 2018’ was awarded to:

  • BMW Group Polska for their systematic efforts to build the electromobility market in Poland, sales results, product responsibility, and consistent implementation of their vision of the mobility of the future;
  • Ekoenergetyka-Polska for their position on the European marketplace, supplying high-power charging stations, support for the development of zero-emission public transport, and the international promotion of the Polish technology;
  • GARO Polska for their dominant position in terms of charging stations sales in Poland, expansion of the production centre, and comprehensive offers tailored to the needs of an emerging market;
  • GreenWay Polska for making courageous decisions at a time when electromobility in Poland was just being created, current leader positioning in the construction and operation of charging infrastructure, and ambitious development plans;
  • Magenta Grupa TAURON for their comprehensive, well thought-out, and responsible approach to the electromobility development as part of the company’s business activity, especially in terms of the implementation of pilot projects and the promotion of innovations;
  • Nissan Sales CEE for their systematic efforts to build the electromobility market in Poland, sales results, user-friendly technology, and consistent promotion of smart mobility.

Ranking distinctions were awarded to: ABB, ING Bank Śląski, PKN ORLEN, Volvo Polska, Toyota Motor Poland Company Limited, Alphabet Polska Fleet Management, PGE Nowa Energia, ENGIE Polska, State Forests National Forest Holding, PRE Edward Biel, Triggo, QURIERS Przesyłki, and the Panek company.

The ‘Electromobility Leader 2018’ survey was conducted under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Investment and Development, the Ministry of Energy and the Association of Polish Cities.

Electromobility and COP24

The ‘Electromobility Leaders 2018’ award consists of part of the Polish Presidency of the 24th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP24). From December 2-14, 2018, Poland is planning to focus its message in several areas: technology, humankind, and nature. In terms of technology being understood as the development of climate-friendly modern solutions, special emphasis is to be placed on electromobility. As part of the COP24, ‘Driving Change Together Partnership’ – ‘a dedicated partnership for fostering technological and organisational changes to develop zero-emission transport’ – will be signed. The declaration is to be dedicated to the issuance of technological and organisational changes towards low-emission transport.

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