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Business Transparency Tool

Business Transparency Tool automates the task of identifying related parties (related entities) and helps protect your business from fraud and inflated costs

Conflict of interest management through the identification of related parties

Proper conflict of interest management should be one of the priorities for businesses that strive to maintain a high standard of corporate culture.

Conflicts of interest are detected through the analysis of various kinds of relations (capital, personal, family, financial, and other relations). Analyzing related parties will allow you to:

  • identify areas at risk of corruption,
  • identify purchasing risk in transactions with existing business partners,
  • protect your business from VAT carousel fraud,
  • increase the transparency of tenders,
  • verify procedures for preventing conflicts of interest and concluding related-party transactions.

55% of fraud

is committed by company employees*

*Source: PwC Economic Crime Survey in Poland, 2018

"Companies that have procedures related to the conflict of interests management continue to be victims of this type of abuse which is not detected early enough. Therefore we recommend the use of in-depth analyses to facilitate their identification."

Marcin Klimczak, Partner, PwC

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Analysis of relations between your suppliers and clients

If you choose to analyze related parties by yourself, the process may prove labor-intensive and costly, requiring you to tap into numerous sources of business information (records in the (CEIDG), the National Court Register (KRS), the Central Statistical Office (GUS) etc.), information about employees or business partners (including identification numbers, address and contact details, and bank account numbers).

Business Transparency Tool analyzes relations based on a full set of data. The results are presented in the form of clear visualizations and detailed tables.

Business Transparency Tool will help you

Identify entities related to employees engaged in competing activities

Identify groups of suppliers that circumvent your purchasing policies

Detect relations between your suppliers and clients that could potentially utilize your business to make chain transactions

Examine direct and indirect relations (even up to the second and third degree of relations)

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