Lease Manager

A fast track to IFRS 16

Application for managing lease contracts and calculating liabilities, right of use asset, interest, and depreciation in accordance with IFRS 16

It enables a quick collection of and reporting on all critical accounting information, for a full compliance with the new standard.


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Comprehensive statements

Based on input data myLease Manager runs calculations and generates statements of right of use assets, liabilities, interest, and depreciation. 

Fast modifications

In case of business events resulting in contract modifications, myLease Manager will enable their proper recording, and update of relevant value of liabilities and assets.


Lease Manager in 5 easy steps

Easy contract recording

either manually or imported from MS Excel (with an option to attach source documents as PDFs and other files)

A user-friendly interface

which enables modifications of input data during contracts’ lifetime. Modifications of contracts can be traced and reported.

System validation

of input data

Automatic calculation

of liabilities and values ​​of individual right of use asset, interest, and depreciation

Comprehensive reporting

ready to use in financial statements

It is the last call to implement IFRS16 on time

Lease Manager is a ready to implement solution supporting finance teams in preparation for the requirements of the new standard


It is a quick and simple way to achieve full IFRS 16 compliance

Quick implementation

It takes only one month to implement Lease Manager

Easy to use

User-friendly interface enables easy data entry and fast modifications


Application is available in Polish and English


Data validation minimizes the risk of errors

Saving time and resources

Automatically calculates liabilities and values ​​of individual right of use asset, interest, and depreciation

Full data security

Application has user access control system

Simultaneous access by many users

Full IFRS 16 compliance

Implementation is delivered by a joint team of accounting, auditing, and IT experts

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