Risk Management Platform

End-to-end services for managing financial risk within financial institutions


Risk Management Platform (RMP) provides end-to-end services for managing financial risk within financial institutions.

  • RMP’s modular architecture provides a tailored solution that is cut exactly to the client’s needs and budget leveraging from our agile experience.


  • The platform combines any of the following functions: estimation of risk parameters, IFRS9 calculation, obligatory reporting, Basel III, ICAAP, individual assessment and more.


Structure of RMP

Core module      Business module

Risk management process

PwC provides RMP tool supporting financial end-to-end enterprise risk management.
PwC supports installation, customization and implementation of the tool.


MS Sql database

.NET platform

C#, SQL, R

Tableau reports


On-premise or Cloud

Key features

Modular architecture

In-memory processing (C# calculation engine)

Built-in R scripts

Access to all business configurations used
and the corresponding results

Flexibility in defining estimation
and calculation portfolios

RMP clients

Join the companies of successful RMP implementations.

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Trust RMP

Design and implementation of customizations and additional requirements, Support in integration and user testing, Preparation of RMP deployment into the production environment, Project management – project organization and work management, ongoing maintenance.


Available as a one-off or annually renewed licence with extended maintenance


A pick-one-or-many selection of modules that precisely suits clients’ needs


Easily integrates with existing systems via standarized and flexible data interfaces



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