Detect the risk of abuse based on SAF-T data

SAFe-Ty is an analytical tool that draws on the data contained in SAF-T files to provide an early warning of tax exposures and potential abuse

If you would like to promptly detect:

Anomalies in sale and purchase transactions or irregularities in tax settlements

Areas of tax ineffectiveness within the company

Other management information from areas selected by the client, e.g. sales, finance and controlling

Choose SAFe-Ty

While others merely generate SAF-Ts, our solution allows you to understand what lies behind the underlying data. Equipped with such knowledge, you will not only be able to see exactly what goes on within the company, but also to identify future events at an early stage.

Stay ahead and increase your company’s safety. With SAFe-Ty, you will be able to: 

  • Quickly identify financial and tax exposures and ineffectiveness
  • Manage the tax risk in an informed manner
  • Minimise the risk of liability of the Management Board
  • Flexibly use the tools in various business areas
  • Identify control risks in advance (our technology is similar to that used by the Ministry of Finance)
  • Obtain comprehensible analyses


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