Taxolite – your taxes under control

Easy and automatic manage of tax processes in your company

Taxolite is a comprehensive solution for governing and automating company’s tax reporting processes

The application was created in 2011 and since then it has been constantly developed. As new formal or business requirements emerge every year, new functionalities are being included in Taxolite to successfully satisfy each of them. Taxolite allow to preparing files


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Advantages of Taxolite


You work with any amount of data you want, even from several entities, imported into the application automatically from a company’s ftp server.



You test the quality and correctness of your data before you generate any tax returns or other tax documents based on it.



You will define your own calculation formula which can be adjusted and updated on a current basis.



You will produce any reports, breakdowns and simulations of tax information you want to get a multi-level analysis of a company’s accounting and tax data.



You will generate documents, see if they are correct and, by clicking a few times, you will file an e-tax return or send an SAF-T.


Taxolite allows to prepare tax books in a format SAF-T and their initial verification based on the methods similar to those used by the Polish tax authorities

Taxolite already supports companies from different sectors, i.e. telecoms and banking. The features which make the application universal and easily implemented in most IT environments are as follows:

Taxolite is independent from accounting and financial system – there is no need to apply any changes in the financial and accounting system in order to implement the solution;

Taxolite is able to process many data sources that can be defined and configured as required by users;

Taxolite stores data, calculations, reports, documents;

Taxolite can be implemented either in its full version or partially, tailored to specific needs and covering the tax issues which are the most vital for the company.

With Taxolite, you will prepare:

  • Standard-Audit-File-Tax
  • VAT calculations and VAT-7 returns
  • VAT-EU recapitulative statements
  • Calculations of CIT advances and CIT-8 returns
  • PIT-8C returns
  • IFT-1, IFT-2 and IFT-3 information forms
  • Deferred tax calculations
  • Calculations of sales structure coefficients (WSS)
  • Financial statements  

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