Mystery Box 2.0 |
EXPRESS way into the truth

Play as our Sherlock, this time on a luxury train from Paris to Budapest. You're running your own private investigation to help Monsieur Petit. The French entrepreneur whose brand of blades and razors is popular all over Europe plans to open a new factory.

There is a money scammer hidden among the potential investors of the Paris capitalist. To find out his identity, you have to discover the secret contents of a certain chest. Solve the riddles and break the code that guards the suspicious luggage. Solving each individual riddle will enable you to discover a component to breaking the code to the suspicious luggage. Be the first to open Mystery Box 2.0 and win the prize! 

Recruitment to the Financial Crime Unit team at PwC is underway! 

Thanks to the Mystery Box 2.0 challenge you can find out if we are waiting for you! Check your competencies and experience an adventure full of emotions 100% online.

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1. In order to open the mysterious chest, a five-number combination code needs to be broken first.

2. Partial codes that make up a complete password are answers to the riddles in the next carriages of the train. There are five riddles to be solved. They are available at the indicated links.

3. The riddles will activate in succession in the days to come. Check your inbox and follow PwC's social media.

4. Each time you solve a puzzle, enter your answer in the barcode below.

5. When the answer is correct, the field will turn green and the code gets saved in the strip.

6. In case of an incorrect answer, the entered code will not be recorded. Go over the riddle again. Keep trying until you succeed.

7. After entering all the codes, the Mystery Box 2.0 opens. Who does the luggage belong to? You'll find out soon, good luck! The challenge is on until [date].

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