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CIMA courses 2022/2023

We offer open courses:

  • In-company courses: Live Online or face-to-face for all Profesional Qualification papers: Objective Tests and Case Study
  • CIMA P1, P2, F3, E3, P3 Live Online courses
  • Online platform for some CIMA Objective Tests
  • Optimal in terms of duration, so as to prepare you as best as possible for the exam
  • In the condensed form - combining the theoretical and practical parts alternately, which works best in preparation for exams according to the current syllabus

Choose special CIMA route

CIMA Diploma in Performance Management

Diploma in Performance Management

A unique program that allows you to obtain a special CIMA Diploma after passing only 2 exams (CIMA P1 and P2), without any prerequisites.

Program CIMA CFO

CIMA CFO Program 

A special accelerated path for directors and senior management with at least 10 years of experience in finance or in business positions.


CIMA Professional Qualification - Strategic Level

Strategic Level is the third and final level of the CIMA Professional Qualification. It focuses on the role of the senior finance manager and long-term strategic decision making. 


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