CIPD Certificate in Human Resource Management (CHRM) - level 5

CIPD CHRM with PwC's Academy

  • 1 year study programme certified by CIPD and delivered by PwC’s Academy.
  • 10 classroom training days in the English language, introductory webinar, access to the virtual learning environment (VLE) and project work.
  • Assessments in the form of an essay/case study/report of 3000 words submitted through VLE to an independent assessors for marking after each module.
  • Self-directed learning (recommended list of reading - books, articles and researches; time investment of approximately the same number of hours as for the classroom training).
  • CIPD Certificate at the end of the programme.

CIPD Certificate in Human Resources Management (CHRM) is suitable for those who are already working in a managerial position in HR, leading a team of people or individual projects.

Programme syllabus

Introductory webinar

Developing Professional Practice (DVP) & Business Issues and the Context of HR (CHR)

Using Information in HR (UIN) & Reward Management (RMT)

Resourcing and Talent Planning (RST)

Implementing Coaching and Mentoring (ICM)

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Schedule - 2nd edition: 2018/2019


Date / deadline Activity  Content  Duration 
10.10.2018 Webinar  Introduction to the programme  90 mins 
17.10.2018 Workshop Developing Professional Practice (DVP) 1 day
18-19.10.2018 Workshop  Business Issues and the Context of Human Resources (CHR) 2 days
29.10.2018 Webinar  Developing Professional Practice (DVP)  60 mins 
7.11.2018 Webinar  Business Issues and the Context of Human Resources (CHR) 60 mins 
2.12.2018 Submit assessment  Developing Professional Practice (DVP)   
21.12.2018 Submit assessment  Business Issues and the Context of Human Resources (CHR)  
3.12.2018 Workshop Using Information in Human Resources (UIN) 1 day 
4-5.12.2018 Workshop Reward Management (RMT) 2 days
11.12.2018 Webinar  Using Information in Human Resources (UIN) 60 mins 
18.12.2018 Webinar Reward Management (RMT) 60 mins
28.01.2019 Submit assessment  Using Information in Human Resources (UIN)  
18.02.2019 Submit assessment Reward Management (RMT)  
25-26.02.2019 Workshop Resourcing and Talent Planning (RST) 2 days 
4.03.2019 Webinar  Resourcing and Talent Planning (RST) 60 mins 
7.04.2019 Submit assessment Resourcing and Talent Planning (RST)  
8-9.04.2019 Workshop Implementing Coaching and Mentoring (ICM) 2 days
16.04.2019 Webinar  Implementing Coaching and Mentoring (ICM) 60 mins 
13.05.2019 Submit assessment Implementing Coaching and Mentoring (ICM)  
17.06.2019 Submit assessment Case study + guided learning hours  

Lead Trainers

Trainer, Consultant, Senior Advisor to HC / Approved CIPD tutor

CEE Coaching Leader

Comp&Ben Director, CEE Performance Pillar Leader

Senior Associate, People & Change

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CIPD CHRM course participation PwC's Academy:

12 000 PLN net

CIPD registration and membership (mandatory, services done through PwC's Academy):

230 GBP (1 150 PLN net)* 

* The fees may be subject to change by CIPD or due to exchange rate variations

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Workshop address

PwC Polska

ul. Lecha Kaczyńskiego 14, Warszawa 

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Additional information

Workshops take place 9:00-17:00

The course is delivered in English

Enrolment takes place until 15 September 2018 - there is a limited number of places!

How to enrol? Contact us at and we will be happy to assist you!

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