Financial Crime Unit (FCU)

The Financial Crime Unit (FCU) is PwC's competence center that brings together the top experts in the field of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) - an area of financial services that focuses on preventing illicit funds from being integrated into the legal financial system.

Turbulent global political and economical affairs of the recent years have led to the reappraisal of the very concept of risk, putting financial institutions under an ever-mounting pressure from the regulatory authorities. Detecting attempts of money laundering, countering the growth of organized crime and combatting the financing of terrorism are the core challenges faced by the institutions operating within the modern financial system.

These institutions turn to the PwC Financial Crime Unit for assistance.

The FCU is PwC's fourth such competence center in the world. The other three currently operate in the USA, Northern Ireland and India.

Locations: Gdańsk & Warszawa 

What projects are delivered by the FCU's experts?

For our clients - banks and other financial market participants  - it is becoming increasingly important to exercise due diligence and learn more about their customers, identify the beneficial ownership of the funds and assess the risk of using services and products for illicit purposes. Our knowledge and experience helps our clients in coping with this burden and comply with both their regulatory and social responsibilities. An effective AML program means not only tangible financial savings in the form of avoided regulatory fines for a bank. It is primarily a means toward a more secure and stable business environment and the knowledge, that the institution is safeguarded against criminal activity.

The project delivered in the FCU are very diverse - we assist both large, global banks and smaller, local institutions. Our teams have performed an array of tasks, including creating "Know-Your-Client" (KYC) procedures for the purposes of  high-risk client review, performing analysis of the clients' transactional activity scanning for red flags, assessing and documenting instances of politically exposed persons in the client population, as well as working on streamlining, improving and automating processes already in place. 

Why should you join the Financial Crime Unit?

We are searching for those, who allow nothing to get past them…

In the ever-changing landscape of the financial market, countless transactions, numerous types and structures of legal entities, complex legislation and the unyielding creativity of fraudsters in their attempts to circumvent the law, the nature of the work carried out by the FCU specialists is best described by an analogy to the detective work. Actively searching and securing information from various sources, performing thorough analyses of complex data sets, picking up patterns of suspicious behavior and other red flags in the intricate mosaic of client data, collecting evidence and acting on the in line with the relevant regulations - all of this constitutes an essential part of every PwC Financial Crime Unit specialist.

Whom are we looking for?

You don't have to be a graduate of economy or finance. In the PwC Financial Crime Unit we look for both specialists with ample experience as well as graduates and students of law, linguistics or IT. Working in the FCU is an interdisciplinary affair, connecting finance, law, politics and culture, allowing people with disparate backgrounds to align and excel in our firm. Analytical thinking skills and a very good knowledge of English are our fundamental requirements.

What we offer?

We are offering our candidates a development path that is aligned with their interests, skills and competences:

- furthering knowledge in the AML field toward attaining an expert status (Policy & Compliance SME)
- developing competences in effective team management (Operations TL)
- building knowledge in the area of process analysis and optimization (Process SME)
- designing and implementing cutting-edge technological solutions for the financial sector (Technology)
- learning the project management principles to provide technical and methodological support to the projects carried out within the FCU (PMO)

Do you want to join us?

We are still growing - both by increasing the number of employees and by diversifying our areas of service.
We are open to those who would like to join our team. 

Currently, the following recruitments are open:

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