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Experienced artificial intelligence and software development consultants. Delivering end-to-end data analytics and technology solutions for Banking, Retail, Insurance and more.

Cutting-edge doesn’t mean reckless. With a strong foundation in delivering technology consulting in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Software Development, our Data Analytics team can deliver end-to-end solutions - we are confident any challenge from the market disruptions can be addressed.

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Big Data Solutions

The next stage of human and machine collaboration. Find out what you can do to boost your organisation’s performance or increase revenue using Big Data Solutions, Predictive Analytics, BI Tools, Artificial Intelligence or Geospatial Analysis.

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Software Development

We offer not only end-to-end IT solutions for crafting your software, but we have a set of packaged technology products whcih we can customize based on your needs. Digital Transformation has never been easier.

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Mariusz  Śpiewak

Mariusz Śpiewak

Managing Partner, Consulting, PwC Poland

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Grzegorz Józefiak

Director, PwC Poland

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Jakub Borowiec

Jakub Borowiec

Partner, PwC Poland

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Kamil Kosiński

Kamil Kosiński

Senior Manager, PwC Poland

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