Successful project and portfolio management starts with the right people and the right expertise.


Project & Programme Delivery

Do you need hands-on Project Management support to achieve your business goals?


Portfolio Management Support

Do you need better control over your portfolio to focus on strategy execution?


Project Management skills enhancement

Do you want to improve your skills and be more successful
in projects?

Project & Programme Delivery

"Organizations that use proven Project Management practices waste 28x less money than their more haphazard counterparts"
Source: CIO

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals with various industry backgrounds will support your projects and programme delivery. We can either work with you from the very beginning of a project or jump in when it is already running. Here is what we can offer you!

  • Professional project & programme management and support adjusted to your changing needs
  • Diverse competencies and skills in all areas and levels of project and programme management 
  • Proven technology, best practices, processes, and guidelines 
  • Robust Project Management toolbox to be customised to your needs 

Depending on your needs you can
choose one of the following services
or a combination of them

PMO Managed Service

We run the PMO for you.
See here how it works!

PMO support

Our PMO specialists provide
support for your Project
and Programme Managers.

Project & Programme Management

We assign a Project or Programme Manager
to run your initiatives for you.

Project & Programme Delivery - how it works?

Identify project/ programme composition, dependencies and expected benefits

  • Assess programme/project size, dependencies to other projects and expected benefits
  • Identify governance requirements in terms of procedures and standards
  • Identify required scope of PM services
  • Identify & engage key stakeholders

Design services, standards and tools needed

  • Define programme structure and interdependencies (option for programmes)
  • Define services and deliverables
  • Customise standards, tools & templates from our toolbox
  • Define key competencies and capacity needed

Launch PMO and design service catalogue

  • Set up Project/Programme Management Office and start providing the services
  • Onboard projects in scope (option for programmes)
  • Establish a catalog and cadence of regular actions

Fully operational Project/Programme Management Office. PMO services are provided and its benefits are realised

Here is how organisations benefit from having Project/Programm Management Office:

  • Full project/ programme control with clear governance, and compliance to relevant standards
  • Optimal resource utilisation and high efficiency of your teams
  • Insightful, fast and efficient risk and issues management
  • High quality and relevant information for insightful decision-making
  • Agility in responding to changes and improvement needs

Key Benefits

Full project/ programme
control with clear governance
and compliance to relevant

Optimal resource utilisation
and high efficiency
of your teams

Insightful, fast,
and efficient risk
and issues management

Portfolio Management Support

"Highly effective portfolio management results
in nearly 30% increase in ROI for projects"
Source: Project Management Institute (PMI)

Portfolio Management bridges the gap between strategy and execution and guides companies in maximising their value. We support organisations in defining their portfolios as well as setting up & running Portfolio Management Offices. Here is what we can offer you!

  • Proven and flexible approach to implementing portfolio governance model - both traditional and agile/lean - to fit your organisation culture and strategy End-to-End 
  • Portfolio Management support - from initial analysis to full implementation and ongoing support 
  • Smooth mobilisation and implementation supported by guidance & trainings 
  • Robust and proven solutions technology, best practices, and tools ready to be used or customised to your specific needs

Typical Portfolio Management Office services cover:

Governance & Oversight

Strategic alignment and priorities
Standards & frameworks


Budgeting & resourcing
Dependencies & roadmapping

Performance Monitoring

Progress & Status
Benefits realisation

Execution Management

Risks and opportunities
Problems and issues
Change control

Maturity Development

Guidance & training
Best practices
Knowledge transfers

Portfolio tooling

PPM tool selection and deployment support
Portfolio management supporting tools for data aggregation and reporting 

Portfolio Management Support - how it works?

Confirm strategic directions and design portfolio composition that supports them ›

Design portfolio governance, KPIs & PMO services needed ›

Launch PMO and relevant PM practices & IT tools ›

Onboard all projects and design service catalogue ›

PMO services are provided and its benefits are realised ›

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Key Benefits

Projects well prioritised
and aligned to the strategy

Boosted resources
to maximise bringing value
and no project overlaps

Clear high-level portfolio
view and full control over
all projects

Project Management skills enhancement

"80% of projects classified as high-performing
use a certified project manager"
Source: PwC

We are passionate about project management and have been gaining knowledge and skills in this area for many years. We are also active practitioners experienced in implementing various methods, standards, and tools in numerous projects, programmes, and portfolios. We are willing to share our knowledge and experiences with you and help you design solutions for your challenges. Here is what we can offer you!

  • Practical knowledge and skills based on recognised best practices and years of professional experience
  • Proven best practices, tools, and techniques as well as inspirational ideas to apply in your work
  • Innovative training methods that increase your skills enhancement
  • Mentoring, support, and guidance in implementing your solutions and new skills

Depending on your needs you can choose one of the following services or a combination of them

Targeted workshops
for problem solving
and designing solutions

Professional support
& guidance




Project Management
Essentials ›

Do you want to start your journey with Project Management, learn to achieve goals in time & budget and control any changes and risks along the way?


Portfolio, Programme
& Project Management
Office ›

Do you want to bring more clarity, efficiency and control to your projects and learn how to start, develop or improve your PMO?


Project Risk
Management ›

Do you want to deliver your project according to the schedule, and manage the risks rather than act against them?


Essentials ›

Do you want to be faster in delivering value to your clients and more agile responding to changes but are not sure what approach would fit your organisation best?


Fundamentals ›

Do you want to deliver your products using the SCRUM Framework, and learn how to implement the approach in your team to maximise value?


Fundamentals ›

Do you want to improve the efficiency in your organisation and reduce waste as well as bring visibility on all levels and constantly improve the value flow ?

What do you get?

Right people
at the right time

Highly skilled, experienced, and multi-lingual professionals with various industry backgrounds accessible on demand

Higher predictability and success rate for projects

Constantly increasing expertise in Agile, Traditional, and Hybrid models built on years of professional experience in different industries

Fast mobilisation
and high efficiency

Robust and proven solutions: technology, best practices, and tools ready to be used or customised to specific needs

Who are we?


We are a team of committed professionals driven by excellence, continuous development, creativity, and common sense.

We understand what makes business change successful both in traditionally governed and agile environments, and we are willing to share that with you.

We custom our approach, methods, and tools to our clients’ priorities and culture taking into account the latest technologies and best practices available.

We are a trusted partner in the delivery of numerous change initiatives providing our services both onsite and offsite

Our Project Management and PMO Specialists

+ Project Management Specialists

Together we possess over 200 years of experience in project management which is calculated as the sum of the years of experience gained by each of us. Every member of our team can take advantage of this common pool of experience and benefit from it, and consequently bring value to their client. Having access to the latest business initiatives, we understand the important trends and benchmarks of the fields we are working in. We are constantly expanding the number of industries in which we are active. Industries, in which we already have experience, include:
Banking, Finance, Internet Sales, Technology, Competence Centers, Consulting, Education and Training, Pharmaceutical, Audiophile, FMCG, Public Sector, Ship Manufacturing, Media and Public Relations, Procurement, Shared Service Centers

Our team consists of Project, Programme & Portfolio Managers as well as PMO professionals. We deliver various projects for international Сlients from many industries supporting changes in their organizations, processes, IT environments and many other business areas. We are capable of delivering projects in different languages, such as: English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Russian. While building our team we focus not only on the professional experience and competencies of its members but also on their personalities. We are professionals with leadership abilities who value personal relationships because we believe it is people who stand behind a project at any level.

Professional experience in many industries

over years

High level of competence in Project Management

over types of certificates

Social initiatives are very important to us, thanks to them we can share with the world the most valuable thing we have: our skills, our talents, and our time. We strongly believe that changing the world for the better is in our own hands therefore devoting time to social projects is one of our priorities. Our team members have already actively spent over 200 hours in the following initiatives:
Business vs smog, Hands for Paws, Letters to Santa, Szlachetna Paczka, Mimo wszystko, COVID support for Pomeranian Hospitals, Siemacha, Paraglider Pilot Rehab Support Fund, Ronald McDonald Foundation, Help for Ukrainian Refugees

Our team’s recipe for success is based on the many years of experience of its members as well as on the knowledge and solutions of our partners from the PwC Worldwide Global Network. The team benefits from the collective knowledge, practical know-how, and experience shared by its members and supported by certificates from world-recognised project management organisations. We constantly learn and expand our knowledge about project, programme and portfolio management and as a result, the number of our certificates is constantly growing. Currently, our team members hold the following types of certificates:
PMP, SAFe, Agile PM Foundation, Prince2 Foundation and practitioner, P3O Foundation, MSP Foundation, UX-PM, CAPM, PSM - I, Prosci Change Practitioner, Change Management Foundation, ITIL Foundation & v4., Six Sigma Green Belt & Yellow Belt, ISTQB®

PMO for social initiatives

over h

Our Team

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Director ›

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Senior Manager ›

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