PMO as Managed Service

Successful project and portfolio management starts with the right people and the right expertise

Definition of Managed Service

Managed Service is a model of providing services tailored to the client’s needs, allowing the client to select from a predefined service catalogue on a regular periodic basis. The PMO team starts their work with the analysis of the business processes and projects run by the client, and then proposes a governance model based on standards and tools adjusted to business needs. In this model different levels of support are possible, depending on the needs and objectives of a specific client.

How does it work?

Professional expertise, templates, and tools

Managed Service allows your company to benefit from professional support so that you can focus on your business. We have our standards which we use to deliver our clients’ projects and programmes, which can be adjusted to the needs of a specific business/company.

Adjustability of services

Services within the agreed scope can be picked by a client from the predefined service catalogue which provides a certain level of flexibility and potential for adjusting the service to the client’s specific needs. Should such business needs arise, new services can be added into the agreement.

Support continuity

The support provided by our team can be delivered within the specific timeframe agreed with the client, or can be apportioned on a monthly basis as a subscription. This approach eliminates the risks of knowledge loss and capacity challenges, ensures stability and proficiency.

PMO Service Catalogue

PMO Service Catalogue follows the 12 Elements of Delivery Excellence that underpin the benefits of an optimal program management function.

  • Alignment: Connects execution with strategic direction.
  • Insight: Effective reporting that tracks all strategic change initiatives with tailored communication to stakeholders.
  • Control: Controlled implementation in agreed timelines.
  • Efficiency: Identify and eliminate overlap and exploit synergies leading to efficiencies and savings.

The key components of our PMO as Managed Service delivery model


Holistic structure combining all fundamental MS components such as service catalogue, delivery process, pricing model.

Operational Setup

Dedicated processes including the onboarding and offboarding framework and trainings.

Professional PM/PMO Expertise

Professionals in the Project Management / PMO area, robust service catalogue and proven methodologies, templates, and tools.

Digital Solutions

Digital Managed Services platform - a highly automated, modular platform supporting the management and delivery of the PMO Managed Service.

Benefits for clients

Lower operational costs

Effective resource management leads to cost efficiency. Tailoring the approach to your organisation through the solution-based perspective helps to ensure smooth cooperation and to optimise costs. While we take care of Managed Services, you can fully commit to your core business activities.

Right people at the right time

At PwC we have many years of experience in managing projects, building trust, and leading our clients through demanding transformation programmes. By choosing our support, our clients get not only professional expertise, but also understanding of the industrial benchmarks.

Higher predictability and success rate for projects

Thanks to the years of professional experience our team has collected the relevant expertise in goal setting and project success measurements. This is relevant to project delivery as well as to the end value which the projects bring to the organisation.

Fast mobilisation and high efficiency

Efficiency and effectiveness start by finding the right people with the right expertise to deliver your project from beginning to end. With this model there is no need to hire and train employees, the delivery starts as soon as our team is onboarded into your project or programme. We set up a PMO function at our clients’ companies in a fast track mode.

At PwC we offer our clients a versatile and all-encompassing approach, proven by years of professional background and thousands of hours of practice, which can be adjusted to the client’s needs by our team of excellent Project and Programme Managers and PMO Specialists.

To find out more about PMO as Managed Services - read the article Managed Services in a nutshell. From that article you may learn which benefits does the Managed Service model bring to your organisation and why do these benefits outweigh the potential risks when the right professionals are chosen for that role.

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