Real estate

Only quick and accurate decisions guarantee the success of investment in the real estate market.

Stay ahead of changes and become a real estate market leader

Areas of activity specific to this market, such as property development, real estate management, raising funds or developing the optimal investment tax structure require not only specialist knowledge in various fields but also experience in their full implementation.

Additionally, local and international circumstances, including sources and instruments of real estate financing as well as changes in tax regulations, mean that only quick and accurate decisions guarantee the success of investment in the real estate market.

We provide support in developing strategies and preparing investment processes, which facilitate optimal business decisions, reduce costs and create ‘added value’, in order to improve financial results. We have knowledge and experience of all the major segments of the commercial real estate market (commercial, office, warehouse and hotel real estate segments), as well as the residential real estate market.

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Find out how we can help your company

We offer asset management services from the very moment a property becomes part of a company’s assets

Our objective is to help to increase the value of assets and the current income generated by a property (in the case of investment properties). We also advise our clients on the most effective exit options from an investment and offer our support at this stage.


We support companies during mergers, acquisitions, portfolio diversification or entrance into capital markets

We help them to achieve their objectives faster and minimise any possible threats. We also have diverse knowledge of the specific nature of local markets in individual countries, as well as the comprehensiveness of the services offered.


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