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Areas of activity specific to this market, such as property development, real estate management, raising funds or developing the optimal investment tax structure require not only specialist knowledge in various fields but also experience in their full implementation.

Additionally, local and international circumstances, including sources and instruments of real estate financing as well as changes in tax regulations, mean that only quick and accurate decisions guarantee the success of investment in the real estate market.

We provide support in developing strategies and preparing investment processes, which facilitate optimal business decisions, reduce costs and create ‘added value’, in order to improve financial results. We have knowledge and experience of all the major segments of the commercial real estate market (commercial, office, warehouse and hotel real estate segments), as well as the residential real estate market.

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We support companies through mergers, acquisitions, portfolio diversification, and when interfacing with capital markets

We help them to achieve their objectives faster while minimising risks. We have diverse expertise both in terms of the specifics of local markets across individual countries, as well as in terms of the comprehensive services we offer.

Financial, Commercial, and Tax Due Diligence

We offer financial, commercial, and tax due diligence services for companies considering the purchase or sale of individual properties, property portfolios, and entities operating in the real estate sector.

The purpose of due diligence during the acquisition is to provide the buyer with a full understanding of the key risks associated with the property or entity by reviewing and assessing the underlying assumptions of the transaction. This gives the buyer a comprehensive picture of the transaction, further strengthening his negotiating position.

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Vendor Due Diligence and Supporting the Seller

Vendor due diligence is designed to identify any problems that potential buyers might notice and provide the selling party with the most effective exit from the investment. Our vendor due diligence specialists work together with the company's management and advisors throughout the entire process, ensuring that benefits and threats are identified and decisions are made quickly.

Many clients also turn to us for support in the process of selling their own company or their real estate. The purpose of such analysis is to indicate to the Seller the issues related to the subject of the transaction that may be raised by the future buyer, thus gaining time to optimally resolve these issues.

Our experience shows that the Seller's support may not only accelerate and facilitate the sales process, but also significantly increase the revenue from the transaction. The main difference between vendor due diligence and Seller's support is that the latter process is solely to the seller's benefit and is intended only for his internal needs.

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Tax Advisory

Tax services form an integral part of most real estate transactions and the tax effects are often among the key factors influencing the profitability of an investment. Especially in the case of large projects, tax planning starting at the negotiation stage allows you to find the optimal transaction structure tailored to the needs of the parties involved.

Our licensed tax advisers work with developers, real estate management companies, pension funds, REITs, insurance companies, banks, and many other real estate market participants to help to select the best possible tax structures for planned transactions. The scope of our tax advisory services includes:

  • tax due diligence,
  • support for the Seller,
  • advice on international tax structures,
  • tax advice on domestic transactions,
  • servicing foreign funds investing in real estate,
  • mergers and acquisitions, liquidations and reorganisations.

Optimising post-tax flows is possible thanks to careful analysis, planning, and compliance with applicable law. We have comprehensive knowledge and experience in all tax aspects of transactions, across transactions involving a single property, real estate portfolios, and real estate holding entities.

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Offering a pragmatic approach to property valuation, we provide top-quality, independent valuations that allow companies to properly understand the value of their assets and liabilities, and thus make informed business and investment decisions. Our services are focused on the specific needs of our clients and support our clients' evaluation of development projects, mergers and acquisitions, refinancings, restructurings and other undertakings.

Starting with the initial valuation and up until when the final report is issued, we ensure the participation of qualified specialists with both local and international qualifications (RICS). Our experts know the real estate market and understand the complex set of factors relevant to the valuation.

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We offer asset management services from the very moment a property becomes part of a company’s assets

Our objective is to help to increase the value of assets and the current income generated by a property (in the case of investment properties). We also advise our clients on the most effective investment exit options and offer our support at this stage.

Investment Process Support

A transparent and consistent real estate investment strategy enables companies to align their property portfolios with business requirements and secures the value of their assets over the long term.

We can support you when you are building your real estate investment strategy, and subsequently at every stage of the investment process: analysing the optimal development options for real estate, selection of the investment location, preparation of a feasibility study, investment management, periodic review of real estate portfolios.

We can also help with planning asset management activities aimed at increasing the value of your real estate.

Supporting Tenants

Effective real estate management influences the operational activity of the enterprise and translates directly into the financial results. Real estate should be managed comprehensively, from defining business assumptions to providing day-to-day maintenance services.

Capital Markets

We can support you in transactions on the public and private capital markets, in assessing financing options, and when cooperating with institutional investors looking for expansion opportunities.

We have proven and long-term relationships with financing institutions, as well as the capacity to analyse opportunities and to create comprehensive scenarios for obtaining financing.

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As active participants in the real estate investment financing market, we provide our clients with services that include assistance in obtaining favorable sources of financing, both for the implementation of individual projects as well as for wider investment plans.

Moreover, as an independent non-financing party, we are not biased towards any specific financing instruments. On the other hand, from the perspective of financing institutions, the financial reports on a potential borrower prepared by PwC provide credible and reliable financial data.

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Real Estate Management

Professional property management influences the effective use of real estate owned by the company and can increase its value. The minimum requirement for property management is to maintain the property value at a stable level.

We go a step further, setting ourselves the goal of constantly increasing the value of the property. To meet this challenge, and to better understand the real estate manager's responsibilities, we put ourselves in his shoes at every stage of the property's life cycle (including planning and construction).

We believe that the efficient operation of facilities is a key factor in the satisfaction of tenants and thus the optimization of cash flow.

Restructuring, Advisory Services for entities facing a difficult financial situation

Unprofitable properties and those generating high costs may have a very negative impact on the financial condition of the entire enterprise. Unprofitability or potential under-profitability can arise for a number of reasons, such as an inadequate financing structure, mismanagement or unforeseen external changes.

As a result of the deteriorating situation of the enterprise, banks, insurance companies and other investors, in turn, face the issue of non-performing loans or the administration of a portfolio of real estate secured by such loans. In order to prevent such a situation, it is necessary to restructure underperforming real estate or entire enterprises.

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Audit and Accounting Advisory

We offer a wide range of services and ensure their highest quality. Our services allow companies to meet the applicable legal requirements and provide information on best practices in the application of corporate governance principles. We make every effort to ensure that our clients obtain full understanding of the company's financial situation and the effects of its business operations.

We also provide support in improving internal and external reporting systems, as well as internal control systems, so that financial statements and other reports prepared by companies meet the legal requirements. In addition, we support our clients in the process of implementing accounting standards such as the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and we provide internal audit services.

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Consulting for the Public Sector

Public sector entities play an important role in the real estate market. We are experts in dealing with procedures in the public sector, the sector's conditions, priorities, and the environment in which it operates.

We work with both private and state-owned companies on various types of public projects, such as public housing, development of road, rail, renewable energy, and aviation infrastructure, construction of sports facilities and healthcare facilities. We also have deep knowledge of the specifics related to the revitalisation of cities.

We provide comprehensive advice, starting with a feasibility study and ending with detailed financial plans and involvement in the negotiation process.

We offer legal, business, and financial support for clients entering into, or negotiating  lease agreements

We also support change management projects: analysis of organizational culture, implementation of new technologies, and legal advice on employment matters.

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Holistic solutions for a comprehensive transformation

We offer a real estate sector-oriented one-stop shop approach to help you set and implement your ESG strategy.

Our services cover the following areas:

ESG strategy for real estate investors

Our experts help real estate investors by incorporating ESG into their strategy. In doing so, we take into account the requirements of stakeholders and regulators. We help define your organisation's strategic ESG objectives and prepare gap analyses. In this way we ensure a holistic and targeted ESG transformation of your company. This transformation includes a portfolio-based, active management of various risks, such as those resulting from climate change and end investors' requirements for social aspects of the assets.

ESG Due Diligence as part of Financial Due Diligence

Our experts will analyse sustainability at the asset, portfolio, and corporate level. They will identify room for improvement with respect to defined, market-specific ESG criteria.

Green Bonds

Our finance and real estate experts can advise you on your planned green bond issuance. PwC can assist across a range of stages of green bond issuance, including:

  • Analysis of financing options available to you

  • Development of a green bond framework

  • Support in preparation for the ESG rating process, including preparation prior to obtaining an independent second-party opinion from an external ESG assessment company

  • Support in the design of reporting to reflect the green bond framework

Our experts will help your organization optimize the costs related to the lease management

With our support, your organization will be able to make better business decisions thanks to a deep understanding of your lease portfolio, ensuring data integrity, reducing risk and more structured reporting.

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Delivery of a full range of monthly and annual tax reporting services for companies from the real estate sector.

Our goal is not only to provide you timely with current tax computations, but also to be your eyes and ears on tax developments impacting your business and to protect the value of your investment in the long term.

Our team of experts dedicated to real estate companies have comprehensive knowledge of the tax reporting and legislation that characterizes the real estate sector and can assist you by providing practical information concerning the market.

More about tax compliance services

Our services combine modern technology, efficient processes and in-depth experience. Our support may deliver a change for your tax reporting and compliance responding to your needs through a flexible model of cooperation and the ability to adapt to the format of the data received. To meet this challenge, we work on one common communication platform - Engagement Center. Engagement Center simplifies and streamlines our interactions with you by delivering content and engagement deliverables in a digital way. Engagement Center enables you and your PwC team to collaboratively manage engagement activities, share data and documents, and monitor the progress of deliverables.

Tax compliance is no longer about just filing a corporate tax return once a year. As organizations navigate disruption from tax authorities going digital, evolving legislative changes and changing global markets, tax compliance is now a strategic business issue. It has the potential to provide businesses with ongoing intelligence to drive decisions, but many organizations are struggling to keep up, reduce the compliance burden and unlock valuable insights.

Tax compliance services

We can support you in meeting all tax reporting obligations not only limited to CIT and VAT compliance services, but also withholding tax obligations and payments, Real Estate Tax obligations, Tax on Civil Law transactions, etc. In addition to tax reporting obligations, we may also support you with respect to the statistical office reporting and National Bank reporting.

Tax reviews for real estate companies

During our review we will examine the correctness of tax calculations for the chosen months / years.

Other services for real estate companies

We offer support in the field of reporting obligations dedicated to real estate companies, in particular information on real estate companies and their shareholders applicable from 2022 or refund process of minimum tax on commercial real estate property. 

In our daily work we collaborate closely with other industry teams (such us Deals, Transfer Pricing). We consult and share knowledge with a purpose of delivering Integrated Compliance Services.We would like to accompany you at every stage of your all reporting obligations that you are subject to.


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