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Gain practical skills, improve your qualifications, benefit from innovative solutions, work in diverse training groups - everything under the tutelage of experts and business professionals.

PwC's Academy

It provides training tailored to modern times which, in their volatility, take the most various forms. Offered workshops designed in such a way that they convey knowledge at both personal and business level.

As a team, we continually strive to deepen and develop skills, to share them gladly with our clients. We sincerely believe that continuous growth is a base in building self-awareness, so essential in fostering talents and in agile adaptation to changing reality.

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Aleksandra Marcinkowska

Senior Training Coordinator, PwC Poland

Tel: +48 519 507 345

Anna Olszewska-Florczak

Manager, PwC Poland

Tel: +48 519 504 314

Elżbieta Kąkol

Senior Training Coordinator & Marketing Specialist, PwC Poland

Tel: +48 519 505 061

Svitlana Zasukhina

Trainer, Senior Manager, MBA, CFA, ACMA/CGMA, CIA, PwC Poland

Tel: +48 519 062 937

Angelika Łapat

Training Coordinator, PwC Poland

Tel: +48 519 507 854

Arkadiusz Radomyski

Training Coordinator, PwC Poland

Tel: +48 571 778 162

Olga Kurek

Training Coordinator, PwC Poland

Tel: +48 519 506 520

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