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Gain practical knowledge in an interactive way from a place and at a time that suits you.

If you are interested in acquiring new competences and enriching your knowledge, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with available online trainings in the form of e-learning.



All completed training courses are marked with a special - personal certificate.



Complete the training programme at the pace and time of your choice.


Practical and interactive

Gain reliable and up-to-date knowledge in an interactive way.


Below you will find sample training topics. The prepared materials are in English and can be purchased on our purchasing platform.

data analytics

Data Analytics Online Academy


Finance for non-financiers


COVID related Work Health and Safety

IoT - Internet of things

Lean management

Lean management

MSSF dla przedsiębiorstw



Design thinking

remote work

Remote work

Regulacje sektora bankowego

Banking e-learning modules

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