Retail and Consumer Products

From strategy to implementation — dedicated products for companies in the retail and consumer products sector.

The objective of all of our customers is to maximise net profit, increase profitability and development. We know the industry very well — several dozen members of our team have been involved in hundreds of projects and they draw their unique knowledge primarily from that experience. Customers who have received assistance in one area of their business return to us, seeking improvements in other areas.


Every company in the retail industry is different and requires individual analysis of its needs and challenges. In the age of high market saturation, network development and optimisation present an enormous challenge

We will build and analyse a geospatial model which will optimally select the location of branches. We will help to improve the results based on a catalogue of more than 150 optimisation levers for all areas of sales and operations. We will also take a look at costs and propose actions which will improve their efficiency. Thanks to the Big Data team, we will analyse promotional campaigns and, based on sales data, we will propose those which will achieve the expected results. 

We help our customers find their place in the market by choosing the right format. We also operate at lower levels, offering assistance in product category management. We have the best Polish price strategy experts on board.

We offer an omnichannel strategy, which will consolidate the online (and mobile) store with the stationary one.

We are experts on taxes — we will help with real estate tax, VAT rates, tax treatment of promotional campaigns, warehouse losses, shelf fees, criminal and tax procedures, employee contributions or digitisation of tax processes.


Consumer products

The challenges of companies from the consumer goods (FMCG) industry are similar to those from the retail industry

Optimisation of promotions, price strategy (and commercial conditions), cost optimisation — we implement such projects frequently e.g. for producers of food, clothing, cosmetics or toys. We also help in building comprehensive market entry strategies and integrating companies after mergers and acquisitions. Recently, we have been frequently working on digital strategies which help companies effectively operate in the digital world. We also analyse and optimise points of contact with the customer.  Marketing expenditure, investment settlements, supply chain settlements, R&D relief and public aid, employee contributions, real estate tax, as well as returnable packaging are some of the areas that we most frequently deal with from a tax perspective. 


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Krzysztof Badowski

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Mieczysław Gonta

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Agnieszka Ostaszewska

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