PwC Alumni

The power of relationships, the sum of experiences.

It is you, our alumni, who form a tight-knit and strong community with professional, business and collegial ties.

We created the Alumni Programme to maintain relationships and to have regular contact with our former employees. The Programme already has more than 4000 members who have enabled our organization to grow and be successful in many ways.

Listen to what PwC partners in Poland have to say about the Alumni Programme:

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As an Alumnus you can:

  • stay in touch with current and former PwC employees
  • participate in meetings organized for our Alumni
  • establish contacts with PwC Alumni who are employed in your new workplace 
  • receive attractive discounts for training courses organized by the PwC Academy
  • take advantage of the special offers of the “Alumni for Alumni” Programme
  • become re-employed by PwC under the Boomerang Programme

Recommend an employee to work at PwC. You gain the gratitude of your colleague, we hire a good employee and your chosen foundation receives funds.

How does it work?

If you believe you know a suitable person who has the required qualifications and competences for a specific job, recommend him or her for a job at PwC. We will include your colleague in our recruitment process. Information on current vacancies is available on the PwC Carers website.

If PwC employs the person you recommended, we will provide financial support to one of the three foundations selected by you. This is how helping by referral works.

Terms & Conditions

What do we need?

When sending a referral e-mail to the address, please include:

  • the reference number – advertisement ID,
  • the candidate’s full name,
  • the candidate’s e-mail address,
  • the candidate’s telephone number.

The Programme applies only to candidates who have not previously been employees or interns of PwC.

PwC Alumni Stories – Extraordinary passions of exceptional people.

Can you think of a colleague who used to work at PwC
and would be a great fit in our series?
Write to us, we would be happy to interview this person.
If you worked at PwC (formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers) for at least one year, join the Alumni Programme by filling in the form below and stay in touch with us.

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