We ensure security of IT and OT systems. We test, audit, and design system architecture, and we train company staff in security matters.

In their strategies businesses tend to increasingly rely on technology, as it enhances their capabilities and provides them with opportunities for growth. At the same time, however, it does expose them to ever-increasing threats.

New on-line sales channels, faster communication, increased productivity which relies on modern IT solutions: all of this gives cybercriminals a lot of room for action.

Increasingly frequent hacking attacks which spread new viruses, trade secret thefts, process highjacking: such threats can result in serious business losses. Only adequate measures which counter cyberattacks can ensure that companies possess a sound competitive advantage. What is more, such measures may even ultimately become their survival advantage.

4 hours

is how short it takes for a hacker to gain access to systems and data

70% of incidents

are caused by staff-generated actions

31% of cyberattacks

result in disclosure or modification of business data

How can we help your business?

IT security

Regardless of the type of business, hacker attacks on company websites,  their critical applications, or on data exchange interfaces most often result in significant financial losses. We help increase cybersecurity by running penetration tests, configuration reviews, and training system architects, analysts, and  developers. We also teach them how to perform malware analyses, for which we use our purpose-designed training environment.

We can help your business through:

  • penetration tests
  • performing configuration reviews
  • providing security training
  • analyzing malicious software 

OT security

Until quite recently the OT environment seemed insulated from malicious attacks. However, widespread reliance on popular technological standards makes the OT environment increasingly susceptible to such attacks. In order to analyze and enhance the security level of production processes, we perform security audits of the operational technology, identify risks and system areas which are in need of most urgent action, design security architecture, and train employees.

How can we help your business?

  • we identify risks and system areas which require most urgent action
  • we run security analyses of operational technology and of critical infrastructure
  • we perform security reviews of AMI intelligent metering networks
  • we design security architecture of the operational technology
  • we train employees in technological security and incident handling


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