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One of the ways to promote oneself and gain an advantage over the competition on the labour market is the obtainment of international qualification.

Obtaining professional qualifications is more and more widespread. However, in Poland, the number of members of international associations (those who passed all exams and proved appropriate experience necessary for specific qualification) is still low. By studying with us, you will join a very prestigious company, including both business professionals with lifetime work experience and graduates of acclaimed postgraduate studies or MBA programmes.



Attainment of international qualification also proves proficiency in English and the use of business terminology. A prospective employer will be sure of a chosen candidate's high qualifications. What's more, qualifications are recognisable all around the world and thus open additional carrier choices.

Scope of knowledge required during exams is much broader in comparison to the university standard. What you study is far better aligned with the needs of the work in the business environment and prepares you better for its future challenges. Students learn not only theory but also its practical application.

We encourage you to check qualifications corresponding to your professional profile, preferred carrier path and interests.

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Choose professional qualification:

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) established in London in 1919 educates professionals in finance management by offering a programme of international qualifications in management accounting.

CIMA is an agile international organisation with more than 227,000 members and students from 179 countries. CIMA certificates are well-regarded by employers all around the world. People having CIMA qualifications are current or prospective finance directors, controllers, consultants or analysts.

What distinguishes CIMA?

CIMA is, above all else, a practical approach to enterprise management. Programme and scope of qualifications created based on consultation with representatives of international organisations fully correspond with their expectations.


CIMA PwC's Academy


The Certified Internal Auditor® is a globally recognized internal audit certification established in 1973. The CIA® designation is awarded by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and is the only such credential that is accepted worldwide.

Internal auditors seek the CIA certification to:

  • Gain credibility and respect
  • Improve skills and abilities
  • Earn a higher salary
  • Boost their CVs and have more job opportunities
  • Demonstrate commitment to high professional standards

Current offer of CIA preparatory courses

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is an international organisation with more than 100-years-long history. ACCA offers recognisable worldwide qualifications for those who wish to advance their carrier in accounting, finance and management.

ACCA is an organisation supported by 162 000 members and 428 000 students in 175 countries. In Poland, it consists already of 1350 members and next 3500 students are in the process of obtaining ACCA qualification. ACCA members have greater possibilities of carrier development, where the best specialists in accounting and finance are being looked for, at positions like a controller, finance analyst, auditor, manager, finance director or even board member.

Why choose ACCA?

ACCA is a prestigious professional qualification esteemed by employers all around the world. Thanks to it you will improve your chances at promotion to a management position and professional success. ACCA programme covers all subjects necessary to finance management in an enterprise.

The DipIFR or "ACCA Diploma in international financial reporting" is an international diploma certifying proficiency in IFRS, issued by the world's largest finance and accounting professionals organization, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). The DipIFR qualification provides you with the basic IFRS knowledge and elevates you to a higher level of IFRS expertise.

This programme is intended for professionals working in accounting, audit and finance who want to take a qualification exam in International Financial Reporting and broaden their knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of IFRS.

What will you gain?

  • deep knowledge and understanding of the main principles of IFRS,
  • IFRS reporting skills, including the consolidation of financial statements,
  • practical application of IFRS,
  • practical experience with preparing IFRS financial statements,
  • the course is a combination of lectures, discussions and examples.

Current offer of ACCA DipIFR preparatory courses


Free webinar

ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR)-June-2024

Free webinar
20.06.2024; 5:30 pm CET


Be fluent in IFRS with ACCA DipIFR

Free webinar
29.02.2024; 5:30 pm CET


ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR)-2024

Free webinar
28.11.2023; 5:30 pm CET


CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) is one of the leading professional institutions in the field of HR and development, having more than 135 000 members worldwide.

With the membership, you can keep up with events in the fast-developing area of HR and gain professional recognition. The institution supports those responsible for management and development of people in organisations. Its goal is the achievement of sustainable organisation results through human resources management, shaping of mindset, promotion of good practice and development of professional skills in the HR area. CIPD certificate proves high professional qualifications of members and is an entrance card to a carrier in the HR sector.

CIPD Certificate in HR Management (CHRM)

CHRM is mostly for HR managers responsible for a team or individual projects, who want to expand their knowledge and skill for the future carrier. The certificate aims at those who implement HR policies and strategies, wish to understand the role of HR in an organisation in the broader context. Qualification helps to gain credibility and recognition in the professional environment.

PwC Academy organises certificate courses approved by CIPD in Central and Eastern Europe in areas of HR and Learning & Development.

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