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ACCA has awarded PwC's Academy in the CEE region with the highest approval for the quality of its education – Platinum Approved Learning Partner.

  • 4-8 days interactive preparation courses
  • Live Online classes from 8:30 am till 04:30 pm CET
  • Lectured online or in combination with face to face class by PwC's Academy expert tutors
  • Focused on key knowledge in each area of the syllabus, exam technique and question practicing.



Study Options

1. Intensive course - Our formula for success!

  • A comprehensive solution – an effective combination of a 4-8–day intensive course and guided home study.
  • You will gain detailed knowledge of topics related to exams thanks to lectures and various exercises as well as utilise crucial exam techniques.
  • You will receive a complete set of textbooks including Course Notes from PwC's Academy.
  • You will be given study materials in electronic form as well as access to an e-learning programme.
  • You will get feedback from a mock exam with the tutor's comments.

2. Home-Study Premium – books and electronic resources

  • Independent self-study with access to an interactive e-learning centre.
  • You will study at your own pace and time.

Why to study with PwC's Academy?

  • You will learn from ACCA-qualified PwC professionals who have many years of practical experience.
  • We will guide you through the whole study process - including administration or preparation of an individual study plan.
  • Get excellent exam results – in the long-term period, the pass rate of our students is around 20% higher than the Global average.
  • ACCA has awarded PwC's Academy with the highest approval for the quality of its education - Platinum Approved Learning Partner.
  • We constantly reflect your needs. As a result, you can choose intensive courses under the supervision of tutors as well as a flexible form of self-study. 


List of ACCA courses:

Management Accounting (MA)

The course will cover the following issues: The nature and purpose of cost and management accounting; Cost classification, behaviour, and purpose; Business mathematics and computer spreadsheets; Cost accounting techniques; Budgeting and standard costing; Short-term decision-making technique. ACCA Management Accounting is the foundation for ACCA Performance Management (PM), ACCA Financial Management (FM), and ACCA Advanced Performance Management (APM).

Financial Accounting (FA)

The course will cover the following issues: The context and purpose of financial reporting; The qualitative characteristics of financial information and the fundamental bases of accounting; The use of double-entry and accounting systems; Recording transactions and events; Preparing a trial balance; Preparing basic financial statements. ACCA Financial Accounting is essential to papers ACCA Financial Reporting (FR) and ACCA Strategic Business Reporting (SBR).

Corporate and Business Law (LW)

The course will cover the following issues: Essential elements of legal systems; The law of obligations; Employment law; The formation and constitution of business organisations; Capital and the financing of companies; Company management and administration; Legal implications relating to companies in difficulty or in crisis; Governance and ethical issues relating to business.

Performance Management (PM)

The course will cover the following issues: Specialist cost and management accounting techniques; Decision-making techniques; Budgeting; Standard costing and variances analysis; Performance measurement and control.

Financial Reporting (FR)

The course will cover the following issues: A conceptual framework for financial reporting; A regulatory framework for financial reporting; Financial statements; Business combinations; Analysing and interpreting financial statements.

Audit and Assurance (AA)

The course will cover the following issues: Audit framework and regulation; Internal audit; Planning and risk assessment; Internal control; Audit evidence; Review; Reporting.

Financial Management (FM)

The course will touch upon the financial management, advanced accounting and investing.

Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

The course will cover the following issues: Role and responsibility towards stakeholders; Advanced investment appraisal; Acquisitions and mergers; Corporate reconstruction and re-organisation; Treasury and advanced risk management techniques; Economic environment for multinationals; Emerging issues in finance and financial management.

Advanced Performance Management (APM)

The course will cover the following issues: Strategic planning and control; Economic, fiscal and environmental factors; Performance measurement systems and design; Strategic performance measurement; Performance evaluation and corporate failure; Current developments and emerging issues in management accounting and performance management.

Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

The course will cover the following issues: Regulatory environment; Professional and Ethical Considerations; Practice management; Assignments; Reporting; Current issues and developments.

Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

This intensive 8-day course is driven by case studies based on selected areas of key syllabus topics: Leadership; Corporate governance; Strategy; Risk management; Technology and data analysis; Organizational control; Finance in planning and decision making; Innovation, performance excellence and change management. 

Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

The course will cover the following issues: The professional and ethical duty of the accountant; The financial reporting framework; Reporting the financial performance of entities; Financial statements of groups of entities; Specialised entities; Implications of changes in accounting regulations on financial reporting; The appraisal of financial performance and position of entities; Current developments.

ACCA courses

Paper Data Price excl. VAT*
FR - Financial Reporting 22-26.05.2023 3 400 PLN
APM - Advanced Performance Management  22-26.05.2023 4 700 PLN
FM - Financial Management 15-19.05.2023 3 400 PLN
AA - Audit and Assurance  02-05.05.2023 2 700 PLN
PM - Performance Management  15-19.05.2023 3 400 PLN
SBR - Strategic Business Reporting  15-19.05.2023 4 700 PLN
LW - Corporate and Business Law 12-15.06.2023 2 700 PLN
MA - Management Accounting 19-23.06.2023 2 300 PLN
SBL - Strategic Business Leader 02-05.05.2023 &
6 700 PLN
AAA - Advanced Audit and Assurance  09-12.05.2023 3 800 PLN

* The price does not include ACCA fees.

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