Lease Management Services

- a way to seize cost savings opportunities

Having excellent understanding of the market and the best industry experts, we would like to support our clients in the area of lease management. Our offer is designed to help clients reduce costs through better understanding of their leases portfolio, ensuring data integrity, risk mitigation, more insightful reporting - all of the above resulting in better business decisions.

How well do you know your entire real estate portfolio? How many lease agreements do you have and what is the geographical split of your portfolio?

How comfortable do you feel with your current level of information about:

  • the size of your locations,
  • the expiration profile of your leases,
  • the flexibility of your portfolio – what early break options do you have in your leases,
  • your financial exposure in signed agreements,
  • your rights and obligations resulting from signed lease agreements and further supporting documents?

Can you afford the cost of a missed renewal or early break option?

Does the currently available financial information make you feel comfortable while making strategic decisions? Can you afford wrong decisions based on unreliable data?

Are your processes robust enough to ensure accurate validation of the invoices received from Landlords against the agreed lease conditions (e.g. rent free periods). Can you still afford the cost of overpayments?

If the most common answer to the above questions wasn’t satisfactory for you – then you are in the right place.

Our unique value proposition:

  • A clear package of solutions tailored for various Clients needs
  • First-time selection of the right technology
  • A one-stop shop for Occupiers looking for support beyond real estate agenda

Our offering will stand out from traditional brokerage firms offering portfolio services.

If you still have doubts, the question is: can your company afford the lack of relevant tools and lease management processes?

How our experts can help you deal with major challenges across Lease Management?

Years of professional experience have allowed us to identify the most common real estate portfolio management challenges faced by companies.  That’s why we have built a new platform to support our clients and solve these issues.

Data is key

Challenge: Data Quality – lack or poor quality of data, lack of single source of truth based on legal information.

Our solution: Complex abstraction scope with 150 - 170 data points based on PwC standards and high quality

Effective workflow leads to savings

Challenge: Operational procedures – lack of connection between lease management processes and accounting workflow.

Our solution: Validation of financial data from the Landlords’ invoices based on the abstracted data from legal documents. Financial reporting based on legal documentation.

The software is the rescue

Challenge: IT capabilities – lack of relevant technology, limited reporting capabilities, system cost, problems with spreadsheets.

Our solution: Best-in-class real estate technology - Tango Analytics, 24/7 database access from any point of the globe, with powerful reporting capabilities and strong user governance.

Abstraction knowledge is the key to reliable data

Challenge: Knowledge – lack of industrial knowledge with legal background, lack of data standards.

Our solution: experienced team of professionals with legal background, one data standard for all lease contracts across client’s portfolio (regardless of geographic location).

How to make your Lease Management processes more efficient? Check out how we can help you

  • Abstraction of documents in established, consistent standards,
  • Rent increases, CPI Indexation and market reviews abstracted as per lease provisions,
  • Settlement of recurring lease expenses and incomes,
  • Ongoing receipt of rent changes,
  • Management of legal correspondence with the landlord/subtenant/vendors related to lease/sublease contracts and annexes,
  • Data and documents maintenance in a database,
  • Critical dates management and reporting,
  • Service level management with dedicated PoC.
  • PwC serving as a notice copy for client’s leases,
  • Invoice/statement review for accuracy and lease compliance,
  • Month-on-month variance reporting review prior to payment, with comments on deviations,
  • Electronic file feed for the rent payment process and the invoice collection process,
  • In the future potentially full treasury management support.
  • Monthly report of critical dates and options,
  • Standardized set of system-generated reports and dashboard summaries:
    • portfolio summary,
    • critical dates,
    • expiration report,
    • month-to-month/holdover,
    • other as agreed and applicable.
  • Review of all financial considerations under the lease,
  • Negotiation of lease savings recovery,
  • Base rent, OPEX, real estate taxes, utilities,
  • For clients engaged with other provider:
    • lease validation,
    • MSA advisory,
    • transition oversight,
    • service monitoring.

Cost saving opportunities

At PwC, we went one step ahead and, on top of solving challenges, we bring our clients the opportunities for cost savings/reductions.

Companies know that four challenges mentioned above are the biggest obstacles in achieving cost savings. Our Lease Management Services will help your organization achieve cost reductions throughout the entire lifecycle (past, present and future) in the following areas:

With our Lease Management Services you will achieve

  • Information integrity
  • Faster access to insights
  • More strategic position
  • Tangible cost savings

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