Financing and restructuring

The proper steps taken at the right time can protect a business from a deterioration in profitability 

Financing and restructuring are key processes from the standpoint of business owners and management boards. They affect the foundations of a company’s activity, largely determining its ability to successfully pursue its strategy and even its ability to continue to remain in business in the long term. 


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Structuring and obtaining financing

A company’s funding should be properly structured and appropriately tailored to match its growth strategy, thereby reducing the risk of difficulties arising along its path to development. 

A company’s strategy for development frequently calls for obtaining outside funding, which can significantly affect the company’s condition. Key elements of the financing strategy include the magnitude, cost, and security of the financing so obtained. 

We provide your company with comprehensive financial advisory support. They most frequent types of transactions we handle are as follows: 

  • Business financing (e.g. finance structuring, selection of the right finance markets, supporting the process of investor selection and negotiating with them, credit capacity analysis)
  • Investment financing (e.g. optimizing the sponsor/investor’s own contribution, market analysis, feasibility analysis, project value analysis) 
  • Acquisition financing (e.g. analyzing project risk, structuring the process of acquisition financing).

Restructuring, finance optimization and bankruptcy

The optimization or restructuring of companies usually occurs before or after a period of intensive investment and development, but may also be a response to ongoing liquidity or financial problems. 

The proper steps taken at the right time can protect a business from a deterioration in profitability, and in extreme cases from insolvency or bankruptcy.  

We assist companies in a diverse range of processes involving company optimization and restructuring, throughout the whole transaction, until the moment the terms of restructuring or debt arrangement are agreed upon. Our range of services includes: 

  • processes involving the renegotiation of terms 
  • refinancing processes 
  • out-of-court debt restructuring processes 
  • in-court debt restructuring processes (e.g. company restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, including performing the role of asset supervisor, administrator, or general receiver)  

In the above cases, we can advise: 

  • debtors
  • financial creditors (banks, bond-issuers)
  • investors involved in the restructuring or optimization of other companies

We prepare a range of tools and analyses crucial in restructuring processes, including: 

  • short- and medium-term forecasting and monitoring of financial liquidity (implementing methods, developing tools, conducting ongoing monitoring) 
  • “Independent Business Review” analysis 
  • analysis of debt restructuring variants (e.g. refinancing, changing the terms of existing financing, conversion or redemption of debts) 
  • analysis of available scenarios of action (consensual restructuring, or initiating a court-supervised bankruptcy or restructuring process) 
  • comprehensive plans for restructuring companies and capital groups (fields of operation, detailed restructuring initiatives in all fields of activity of the entity to be restructured), including for the purposes of restructuring proceedings 
  • work and analysis in the field of operational restructuring.

Restructuring and operational optimization

Restructuring may offer a response to a company’s potential problems. The proper steps taken at the right time can protect a business from insolvency or bankruptcy. 

At the same time, companies that are faring quite well on the market may also be in need of an external, independent operational review to help them improve their effectiveness. 

Taking effective actions towards restructuring and optimization is a key factor both for companies dealing with insolvency or the threat of insolvency, and for companies that enjoy a stable market position, because such measures: 

  • can improve the company’s value, by improving the operational effectiveness
  • can help maintain a strong position in a rapidly changing market

We offer support in processes of optimization and restructuring the operational activity of companies. Our range of services includes: 

  • devising comprehensive restructuring plans, monitoring their implementation 
  • developing overall plans for improving operational effectiveness
  • working out a development strategy and business plan for companies in difficult situations 
  • Independent Business Review (IBR)
  • optimization of the use of assets
  • optimization of working capital 
  • specialized consultancy on production, logistical and procurement processes.

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