Financial Crime Managed Services

Structure and efficiency in complex processes

Intricate and continuously evolving regulations are imposing heavy regulatory and financial burdens on financial institutions. They are struggling with runaway compliance costs, and the penalties for breaches are impacting annual budgets while criminals are developing ever more sophisticated methods to evade controls. 

Combined with the economic impact of Covid-19, this is accelerating the need to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and focus on core business to raise revenues. A profound transformation of current operating models and strategies is inevitable. 

It is time for a new way of working. It is time for a managed service model.

Our Capabilities


We have already helped institutions in over 30 countries around the world to address their regulatory needs. 

We are ready to improve, automate and partner in execution of a wide range of your anti-crime processes by leveraging our industry knowledge, technology expertise and operational experience. That allows you to concentrate on building a business that is futureproof.

Our Approach 

Based on our experience in designing and running large regulatory compliance operational programmes, we have developed a dedicated approach to our Financial Crime Managed Services.

Our holistic structure combines the fundamental components for their successful design and deployment.

End to end client lifecycle comprehensive support

Our vast, unique expertise combined with hands-on experience allows us to support you throughout your customer journey from onboarding to exit covering various stages of the lifecycle across geographies and client types.

Delivery setup flexibility

After assessing the degree of support required, we can provide you with a suitable solution by building a tailored delivery model that will fulfil your needs.

Operating model fit for purpose 

We have designed an operating model that has been proven in a number of engagements and covers key aspect of managed service delivery. Depending on your needs, each of its components can be supplemented with your specific elements, allowing for effective augmentation of existing operational setup.

Process design ensuring efficiency & quality

We have the capacity not only to support your current processes, using your tools and technology, but also to customise them to fully utilise their potential, using our efficiency enablers and accelerators designed specifically for managed services. Those include solutions allowing for analysing and enhancing the processes on both micro (particular steps) and macro (involved roles and handovers) level.


Proven & well structured deployment approach

We know from experience that a structured approach is needed to deliver a service that is robust, effective and that can produce high quality output. We are able to combine our understanding of specific regulatory standards with proven methodology to do this efficiently. Our approach consists of phased delivery with embedded oversight framework and accelerators. This ensures both cost effectiveness and agreed level of quality.

Terms of contracting for seamless delivery

We have leveraged our experience and knowledge of relevant regulations to create a flexible tried and tested contracting scheme that may easily be tailored to your managed services needs.

AML Managed Services scope of offering

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) processes: onboarding, regular reviews, event driven reviews
  • Transaction Monitoring alert investigation
  • Client Exits
  • Screening as a Service (negative news, PEP, sanctions)
  • Know Your Vendor (KYV) / Third Party Risk Management
  • Quality Check (QC) & Quality Assurance (QA) as a Service
  • Subject Matter Expertise (SME) as a Service

Key benefits

  • Operational transformation
  • Focus on core business 
  • Cost reduction
  • Revenue growth
  • Capacity alignment with changing demands
  • New regulatory challenges addressed promptly
  • Service delivery improvements
  • Collaboration with a partner providing right scale and experience
  • Direct access to the latest technologies


Our Managed Services are supported by advanced technology solutions, integrated into one highly automated platform, built on the foundation of practical operational and regulatory experience.

Digital Managed Services is a modular technology, accelerating management and delivery of a number of operational processes. It integrates a wide range of AI-driven automations that can be selected depending on business needs, switched on or off as required and used as standalone solutions.

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