Scrum Fundamentals

“Scrum is like your mother-in-law, it points out ALL your faults”
Ken Schwaber

Workshops for those, who want to implement Scrum and understand how it works as well as effectively organize the work of teams. You’ll familiarize yourself with the methodology and its components, which will allow you to deliver products to your customers in an agile way.

You should take the training if you:

  • want to deliver your products faster and maximise their value
  • are starting your journey with Scrum Team
  • want to effectively organize teamwork

What is covered in the training?

  • Agile Values
    Traditional management models, Consequences and Problems, AGILE Manifesto
  • SCRUM Fundamentals
    Process, Roles, Ceremonies, Artefacts
  • SCRUM Team
    Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer Team
  • User stories and requirements
    Defining requirements, Determining the benefits, Prioritization
  • SCRUM in practice
    Work in sprints, Organizing the team, Product backlog, Team board, Planning and estimating, Progress monitoring, Daily Scrum, Planning, Backlog Refinement, Review, Retrospective
  • Useful tools
    Visualisation, Prototyping, Planning Poker, Burndown Chart
  • SCRUM Rules
    Empiricism, Iterative, Incremental, Adaptation, Lean, Pull vs Push
  • Implementation
    Models, Communication, Responses, Scaling, Real examples

What you get?

  • essential knowledge and skills to start working in Scrum
  • useful tools & techniques to improve efficiency
  • practical insights and best practices to organize your Scrum team

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