Project Risk Management

“Risk management is a more realistic term than safety. It implies that hazards are ever-present, that they must be identified, analyzed, evaluated and controlled or rationally accepted”
Jerome F. Lederer

Project Risk Management training aims to explain the importance of identifying, assessing and planning risk response strategies in order to deliver project and its deliverables successfully and within planned time, budget and scope. During the training we will focus on the PMI methodology and risk definition along with tools and methods used in risk management. 

You should take the training if you:

  • need to to take control over your project and prepare for the unexpected
  • want to to avoid dangerous pitfalls 
  • want to maximise the opportunities that appear along the way

What is covered in the training?

  • Risk Management Objectives
    Definition, Risk types (Opportunities vs Threats) and components, Purpose of Risk Management

  • Risk Identification
    Risk Identification Methods - Risk Identification Workshops, Project Documentation analysis, SWOT analysis, Ishikawa diagram, Risk Breakdown Structure, Assumptions and Constraints analysis

  • Risk Assessment
    Risk Parameters - Impact, Probability, Urgency and more, Qualitative Risk Assessment, Quantitative Risk Assessment

  • Risk Response Strategies
    Risk Response strategies - Escalate, Avoid, Accept, Enhance and more, Risk response implementation, Residual Risk, Contingency Plan, Risk Triggers

What you get:

  • knowledge how to identify, prioritise and address risks on your project
  • control mechanisms in difficult project situations
  • ideas and inspirations on how to enhance the opportunities in your project

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