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We provide end-to-end software solutions from Strategy, UX/UI, Software Development and Architecture to Software Maintenance after any implementation.

We combine unique business expertise in the fields of Finance, RegTech (Regulatory Technologies), AML, KYC and more with cutting-edge software technologies to provide end-to-end IT solutions for your organisation.

We created a wide array of custom-built software products.
Choose one which suits you best:

IFRS9 came into force in 2018 and brought profound change to financial instrument accounting. We built a software that automated assets classification, measurement and loan loss provisioning

Industry: Banking

More about IFRS9

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IFRS17 will become effective as of January 2021. Quickly gain time in implementing it with our enterprise-grade software solution which automates data definition, processes and reporting

Industry: Insurance

Risk Management Platform (RMP) provides end-to-end services for managing financial risk within financial institutions.

Industry: Banking

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A People Analytics tool, which uses Artificial Intelligence to capture employees’ fingerprint and, as a result, identify company DNA

Industry: HR

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Global experience with software implementations

Our software has been used by clients across Finance, Banking, Insurance industries in nearly every corner of the business world. 

Why you should choose us as your preferred software partner:

From UX/UI design to code execution

Bespoke software solutions

Customizable proprietary products

Highly scalable infrastructure

Professional IT team

Large business acumen

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