Agnieszka Gajewska

Agnieszka Gajewska

Global Leader Government & Public Sector, PwC Poland

We are living in truly fascinating times - decisions we are making today and our actions that will follow tomorrow will have a long-lasting impact on generations to come. I have a strong sense of responsibility for PwC’s and my personal impact on people and our planet - we need to get things done!

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I lead the PwC Global Government & Public Services network of more than 10,000 professionals, helping governments around the globe maximize positive impact for their citizens.

The experience I’ve gained in over 40 countries gives me the perspective needed as we take on some of the world’s biggest challenges, including addressing the climate crisis, sustainable economic growth and building a more equitable society for everyone.


  • Government and Public Services
  • ESG
  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • International Development
  • Education
  • The New Equation
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