Retail promotions done right

Modern, highly competitive retail markets are immersed in promotional activities with promo sales frequently surpassing 30% of the revenue

At the same time majority of actions do not deliver satisfying ROI despite the time consuming effort of the promo planning process

Experience shows that data driven approach can save up to 15% of trade budgets and shorten all promo planning and preparations processes by 60%. All of that translates into improved profitability and agile promotions with fast time to market

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During years of experience with retail promo management we have identified a number of common issues related to promo management:

Number of decisions based on gut feeling without proper evidence based and data driven support

Frequent application of suboptimal choice of promotional mechanisms, product mix and margin draining discounts

Lack of insight and processing power to differentiate promotional activities between store segments

Complexity of the promo planning process including multiple approval iterations and large dependency on individual spreadsheets

Limited learning process due to lack of proper ex-post analytics

Retail Growth Toolkit is addressing mentioned issues and facilitates the typical promo management and planning process.

PwC Retail Growth Toolkit has been fully deployed and run on Microsoft Azure Synapse. Thanks to integration of multiple data sources and through AI forecasting algorithms it supports all key analytical areas. Moreover, a workflow module facilitates cooperation between multiple departments during the promo planning process.

Retail Growth Toolkit is a fast and scalable SaaS solution helping YOU by delivering actionable insights and suggestions for most optimal choice of promoted products and promo mechanics

Easy design and evaluation of promotional scenarios clearly showing the most profitable way forward

Multi user workflows covering the perspectives of category manager, revenue manager, demand planning as well as the top management


Allowing to derive insights as the promo goes...


…and learning from data as soon as the promo completes thanks to state of the art AI analytical engine

With all forecast prepared bottom-up on the store-product level allowing convenient testing and addressing the need of targeted and clustered promotions

All of that based on the fastest available cloud technology ensuring that you receive results immediately

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