PwC strengthens its business consulting practice with acquisition of pricing boutique Fern Partners


PwC has enhanced its business consulting practice across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) by acquiring Fern Partners, a team of experts specializing in pricing & revenue management

Fern Partners is a team of experts with years of international experience in the field of pricing & revenue management, which helps clients to increase revenues through effective price management products and services. The solution is the result of numerical data analysis, psychological research and knowledge of consumer behavior. The results of work are possible to implement with immediate effect, which is increased profitability of enterprises. The experience of western markets indicates that companies which properly approach to pricing strategy, better pass both through periods of rapid growth, as well as times of market turbulence.

"Last week PwC announced the intended acquisition of cloud-based customer services company Outbox Group and today we proudly announce the acquisition of Fern Partners, which is part of our intention to bring our clients across CEE a broad range of services to meet their business needs, from strategy through to execution. The combined forces of PwC, Outbox Group, Fern Partners and our in-house Big Data & Data Analytics teams are quickly bringing this plan into reality,"- says Adam Krason, CEO of PwC Poland.

Fern Partners is one of the few companies on the Polish market, specializing in creating and implementing pricing strategy. The firm is a key partner for companies in the sectors of consumer goods, retail, healthcare, energy, transport & logistics and financial services.

"The acquisition of Fern Partners is the next strengthening of our business consulting department. I am convinced that joining forces will allow us to quickly establish ourselves at the forefront of preferred suppliers of solutions for building and implementing pricing strategies in Poland and across the region "- says Krzysztof Badowski, a partner at PwC, team leader of consumer goods and retailing in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

In the face of very strong competition and price wars, pricing is one of the fastest growing areas. Local companies are, however, generally more conservative in their approach to price management than western companies. Meanwhile, new technologies such as data analytics, combined with traditional econometrics and statistics, enables companies to simultaneously build competitive advantage and increase revenue.

"The pricing strategy is becoming one of the most important challenges for many companies, especially in such a sensitive market as ours. The practice confirms that the right approach to price management allows for effective and sustained profit growth by 1-3 percentage points. Joining to PwC team gives us wider access to international markets. Additionally, our existing customers can benefit from the full expertise of business consulting"- says Maciej Kroenke, founder of Fern Partner.

"Price management is the most powerful profit lever. There is no faster and more efficient way to increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage than optimization of pricing strategy. Our long experience has shown that price optimization is an area of additional profits for the companies regardless of industry or specific activity"- summarizes Maciej Kraus, founder of Fern Partners.

On 20 January 2016, PwC announced the planned acquisition of another company, Outbox Group, the European market leader in the field of cloud-based IT customer technologies. The transaction still requires approval of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and other conditions specified in the agreement of sale.

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