City of Sofia joins Green Cities initiative

Sofia has been selected to join the Green Cities Framework, a strategic action plan that supports the roll out of key environmental projects championed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). PwC has partnered with Arup consultants to deliver the one-year Green City Action Plan, with work starting on Friday 8 June to create a roadmap identifying key environmental challenges and actions to address them.

Sofia is the fifth city to join the five-year programme, which offers a comprehensive business model for greener cities and explores ways to improve urban living by investing in greener transport, as well as water and waste management.

Under the programme, which combines strategic planning with investments and associated technical assistance, Sofia will receive financial aid from the EBRD for key green.

The GCAP will articulate Sofia’s sustainable development vision, strategic objectives, actions and investments for a five-year period to address priority environmental issues. Beyond prioritising investments and reforms, the GCAP is also expected to be a good policy paper to help Sofia promote awareness and additional financing for green initiatives within the city” according to a statement from the EBRD.

“We are incredibly excited about this opportunity to work with the City of Sofia to produce the GCAP. We firmly believe that our combined team of international and local experts have the right mix of capabilities and expertise to deliver strong outcomes”  - said Dorota Zawadzka-Stępniak, Senior Manager and GCAP Project Manager at PwC Poland.

"Harnessing greener cities through smart use of resources and strategic investment is the key to unlocking healthier, more resilient and inclusive urban environments. We are delighted to be working with the City of Sofia to create a practical plan of action to make the city greener” - said Stephen Cook, Associate Director, Energy, Cities and Climate Change Team Leader at Arup.

The Green Cities Action Plan includes extensive consultations with leading political forces within the Municipal Council, with a view to secure consensus-based outcomes that will guarantee the sustainability of any planned activities.

So far, Green Cities Action Plan have been created for cities such as Tblisi, Yerevan and Tirana; while Minsk recently held its own kick-off event.

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