Companies join forces in the fight for clean air in Poland. “Business vs Smog” programme has just been launched

Air quality deterioration in Poland has prompted the companies conducting business in Krakow to proactively engage in educational activities aimed at environmental protection. Created at the initiative of PwC and under the auspices of Krakow Smog Alarm and ASPIRE Association, the Business vs Smogprogramme brings together the following companies: Akamai, Amway, Aon, CANPACK Group, Cisco, Hitachi Vantara, Herbalife Nutrition, Jacobs (Ch2M), Wilson HCG and Zurich Insurance Company LTD.

Consistent educational activities to increase the environmental awareness of Poles is one of the key elements of an effective fight for better air quality. The “Business vs Smog” programme is a good example of responsiveness to this challenge. The companies and organisations participating in the project demonstrate how to move from theory to practice in solving the key problems faced by our society.

Bartosz Jasiołek, partner at PwC

The “Business vs Smog” project aims to implement an employee volunteer programme to educate children and young people about smog and air quality. The cooperation between 11 companies and two associations, ASPIRE and Krakow Smog Alarm, will make it possible to run workshops for more than 5 thousand students from schools and kindergartens in the Małopolskie province. The workshops will take place during the winter months and finish in March 2019. The classes are conducted by employee  volunteers from companies involved in the project, who have been previously trained by Krakow Smog Alarm. The programme has been adapted to different age groups. Workshop participants will learn, among other things, what smog is, why it forms, what dangers it presents to human life and health and what can and should we can do to be able to breathe cleaner air. All of the workshops are free – the educational facilities do not bear any costs associated with running them.

It is indisputable that poor air quality in Poland is one of the most important challenges, not only to the central government or the individual local authorities but to all of us. Everyone can make their own contribution to reducing the extent of this adverse phenomenon. Education is the starting point for all other activities. A society aware of the sources of smog formation has a chance to build a better future.

Anna Dworakowska, co-founder of Krakow Smog Alarm

The “Business vs Smog” programme is the first on the market to offer such a broad agreement in the area of community involvement on the Polish market. It is important to note, the list of companies who can join the action is not closed.

How can we face one of the greatest current problems in Poland, which is smog? There may be many answers to that question, but the common denominator is most certainly cooperation. By acting together, we can increase the extent of our impact and simply accomplish much more in less time. I am happy that the companies associated under ASPIRE have been so proactive to get involved in this unique and extremely useful project.

Andrew Hallam, secretary general for the ASPIRE Association

The programme has been given honorary patronage of the Marshal of the Małopolskie province. To learn more about the project, please visit

Statement of companies involved in the
Business vs Smogprogramme

At a conference that has officially inaugurated the “Business vs Smog” programme, the companies involved in the project signed their statement of cooperation.

In response to one of the most important challenges facing our society, which is poor quality of the air and the natural environment in Poland, we declare our full involvement in the 'Business vs smog' programme, acting to increase the environmental awareness of Poles”.

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