PwC Startup Collider to work with CEE startups for the third time

PwC has announced the list of 11 most promising technology startups from Central and Eastern Europe, selected from nearly 200 applications to the third edition of the Startup Collider scale-up program. All the startups have finished, market-ready products and services, and they will now receive expert support in international expansion.

The aim of the PwC Startup Collider scaleup program is to support and promote innovative technological startups primarily from the CEE region and to help them develop in new markets. Participation in the program provides young inventors and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to establish direct cooperation with PwC’s experts and mentors as well as company’s clients in the region and beyond.

This is the third time that we have invited innovative startups to accelerate as part of our Startup Collider program. Thanks to our close cooperation with the Central European startup ecosystem, we know what sort of technological solutions various companies in particular countries are looking for. Participation in the PwC program is a chance for startups to achieve international success and to adapt their offer and business model to actual needs of corporations and large enterprises.

Jolanta Kokosińska, partner at PwC responsible for the Startup Collider program

200 applications from 23 countries

Recruitment to the 3rd edition of the PwC Startup Collider program ended in the second half of December 2018. In order to apply, a startups needed to have a market-ready product or service from one of the following areas: FinTech, Risk Management, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Services, E-Commerce, Cybersecurity, Process Automation, Retail, Tax&Legal Transformation or Logistics.

This is however the first time that PwC Startup Collider addressed its offer to startups at a higher stage of development with solutions already verified by the market. Almost 200 startups from 23 European countries, especially the Central and Eastern European region, applied to the program. 92 applications from 20 countries passed the initial analysis, and 34 most prospective startups were shortlisted in early February. After thorough analyses, the company’s experts selected the final 11 participants.

There are some extremely intensive six months both ahead of us and the startups we selected. We will work with people with great technological knowledge, but also with market experience who came to us with very specific expectations. Our common task and goal is to create such an offer, such a business plan, such an operational model that the startup can become a reliable partner for PwC, our clients and partners.

Beata Cichocka-Tylman, Innovation and R&D Director at PwC Polska

This year from April to August, innovators and visionaries participating in this edition of the program will be meeting PwC experts and mentors as well as representatives of corporate business. Part of the meetings and mentoring sessions will be conducted remotely or in the form of video conferences, and the culmination of the scaling process is scheduled for September this year: a special Demo Day event before investors and potential clients from the CEE region.

Demo Day serves as an official summary of the Startup Collider program and it is delivered in the form of a pitch in front of representatives of the corporate world, funds, our clients and partners. At the same time, it is the beginning of a new stage in which PwC and startups-alumni become equal partners. This way, on the one hand, we continue to build business relationships, and on the other, we analyze market needs and challenges on an ongoing basis.

Magdalena Kwoska, PwC Startup Collider Project Manager

PwC Startup Collider is part of the Innovation@Poland program executed at PwC, which aims to create innovative consultancy services using new technologies.

List of startups selected for scaling in the 3rd edition of PwC Startup Collider:

  • 1000 Realities – a Polish startup specializing in interactive applications using tools offered by Virtual and Augmented Reality. These may include occupational safety and health (OSH) training and pre-training. From a fire at the work station to a terrorist attack, how to operate heavy industrial machinery or perform maintenance tasks, the user of the interface created by 1000 Realities can learn stress-free how to deal with any and all stressful situation in an immersive, user-friendly environment. Their software may also be used for marketing and employer branding purposes or to create a virtual visit.
  • Behavera – a startup from the Czech Republic developing a Talent Decision Cloud that helps businesses of all sizes spot and develop talents using online behavioral assessment. Based on scientifically valid methodology, it uses purpose-built simulation games designed by psychologists to remove bias and distortion from the decision-making process and deliver unique candidate experience.
  • DynamicPricing AI – a Bulgarian startup that created a unique software tool to compare and confront retail prices, track competition and reprice dynamically based on strategies to boost market share, revenue, and profit. Their solutions can also be used to run online marketing campaigns.
  • Family Finances – a fintech startup based in Hungary offering digital banking solutions for financial institutions that are aimed at youth customers, including comprehensive, end-to-end research-design-implementation services and off-the-shelf, easy-to-implement boxed solutions that are all design-driven, research-based and mobile-first.
  • Investsuite NV – a startup representing Belgium that focuses on developing two products: a “roboadvisor” service and a next-generation online retail trading platform, both offered as B2B white-label SaaS solutions. They are fully API-based making integration with banks smooth and seamless.
  • Piwik PRO – a Polish startup representing the Omnichannel area of innovation. Their Analytics Suite is a set of integrated products for measurement and improvement of marketing efforts that adheres to strict privacy regulations. They offer an on-premises and cloud solutions guaranteeing full data ownership built for enterprises dealing with sensitive data.
  • Pricing Tags – a startup hailing from Poland that created a Business Process Automation software that is based on Machine Learning algorithms for the retail and e-commerce industries. Their solution includes price optimization modules as well as price management tools and advanced analytics.
  • Sotrender – a Poland-based startup that automates and scrutinizes tasks performed by social media marketers working at agencies and in-house brand teams. Their SaaS product is powered by AI and able to measure, analyze, and forecast performance, provide recommendation, and offer insights and competition benchmarks.
  • TensorFlight – a Polish startup that specializes in providing detailed, accurate and near-instant data concerning commercial properties. Their engine is based on Machine Learning and AI, while computer vision analyzes multiple image types in order to build a database of all buildings globally.
  • Ufleet – a startup from Bulgaria offering a field service management platform that makes use of the latest developments in AI, Machine Learning and mobile computing to automate processes with the end goal of cost optimization and overall Customer Services improvement thanks to real-time consideration of multiple parameters, such as location, traffic, people skills and qualifications, working hours, vacations/days off, task priority an type etc.
  • Zonifero – a Polish startup responsible for creation of a Digital Office Management system of solutions that support everyday office and building work. All applications making up the system are integrated into one ecosystem that helps its users improve office management and engage employees thus enhancing their office experience.

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