Educational game designed by Coca-Cola YEP Academy to teach young people key competences. PwC is a digital partner of this initiative.


Communication, entrepreneurship, analytical thinking and decision-making, understanding, self-expression, interaction and networking as well as personal development are among the competences taught by YEP. It is part of an original project by Coca-Cola – YEP Academy. PwC is a digital partner of the project and it will analyse the achievement of its educational goal. The skills acquired in the game will help young people to progress in the employment market. The game is available for mobile devices with Android and iOS systems.

The YEP educational game is for young people who naturally communicate with the world using their smart phones. It is a text game, a so-called ‘gamebook’, for a single user and it is based on the user’s imagination. Its course depends on the decisions made by the player.

On starting the YEP game, the user ‘encounters’ and develops artificial intelligence, the HalX algorithm (depending on the choice made by the user at the initial stage) directs the player into one of the worlds: cyber-criminals, dangerous corporations, gangs or secret services. In this way, the user creates his or her own story. Each decision, just like in a film, triggers a scenario that provides many possible paths for the development of the plot. Along the way, the player needs to solve tasks and develop his or her character.

Studies by PwC prove that 89% of Polish employees are willing to develop their competences and even redefine themselves to stay in the labour market and fit in with the changing reality. Furthermore, 87% admit that they participate in courses and training in order to better understand new technologies. At the same time, 63% of respondents claim that growing automation creates more opportunities than threats and it may solve the key problems of the modern world.

Bartłomiej Polakowski, a PwC expert who participated in creating the game

YEP is the answer to the competency gap that results from the rapid process of digital transformation. In these circumstances, continuous education using modern formats is perfect. E-learning, especially games and educational simulations, allow you to build new competences in an effective and engaging way.

The development of the game was preceded by a market analysis performed by PwC in order to identify the competences of the future and the methods that could be most engaging for the younger generation.

The world of young people is largely a digital reality where relationships are maintained and life skills are acquired. Research shows that in-game learning increases the level of knowledge acquired by 11% and is 20% more effective than traditional teaching methods. That is why this year, Coca-Cola has created a tool that will help young people to develop competences which are useful in life and in the employment market. This is the next key part of the YEP programme launched by Coca-Cola in cooperation with our partners in 2018.

Katarzyna Borucka, director for corporate affairs at Coca-Cola HBC Poland and the Baltic states

YEP can be downloaded from Play Store for smartphones with the Android system and from the App Store for iPhones.

New reality, new competences

One of the biggest challenges for business development worldwide is the competency gap resulting from the mismatch between the currents skills of employees and the ever more digital world. The latest PwC ‘Global CEO Survey’ shows that this issue is particularly pronounced in Central and Eastern Europe, with 89% of CEOs highlighting the availability of employees and key competences as the main threat.

The competency gap is one of the key challenges and requires urgent action and cooperation between governments, business and science. Over the next four years, the “New world. New skills’” project will contribute $3 billion to projects to develop the digital competences of our employees among our clients and societies, and to share our technological expertise. Our engagement in the Coca-Cola YEP Academy project is a natural consequence of that.

The aim of the ‘New world, new skills’ programme is to provide PwC employees with training to develop their skills is areas such as data analysis, process automation or artificial intelligence. It is also a continuation of the support for clients in digital transformation processes, including automation and robotics, as well as human resource planning and developing suitable training programmes and workshops. The PwC initiative will be implemented thanks to broad cooperation between governments, non-profit organisations and universities as well as engagement in social projects aimed at increasing the digital skills of those who are most at risk in the employment market.   

About YEP Academy

The YEP platform (Youth Empowered Program) has been created by Fundacja Sukcesu Pisanego Szminką (eng. The Foundation of Success written with a Lipstick) together with Coca-Cola in order to support young people in Poland, from various cities, on their difficult path of choices: university studies, internships, apprenticeships, profession and the nature of work.

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