Leaders of Polish and world electromobility awarded for the third time


Five companies were awarded the ‘Global e-Mobility Leader’ title this year, and four organisations were awarded the title of Polish ‘Leader of Electromobility’ – announced during the Global e-Mobility Forum 2020 conference. These awards have been given for three years running by PwC and PSPA to companies most deeply involved in the development of zero-emission transport.

‘Today, we are very happy to single out those who have made great strides in the last twelve months on the road to zero-emission transport. And I am all the more pleased that a Polish company is also among the global leaders this year’, said Climate and Environment Minister Michał Kurtyka during the award ceremony. It took place at the Global e-Mobility Forum, a high-level international conference on the development of zero-emission transport.

The ‘Global E-Mobility Leader Awards’ were presented to companies that are accelerating the global transformation of the automotive industry towards low and zero emissions. The ‘Electromobility Leader’ awards, in turn, went to the organisations most involved in the development of the Polish green transport market.

Candidates for the ‘Global E-Mobility Leader 2020’ title were selected with the participation of e-mobility market experts from 39 PwC branches worldwide. Through the analysis of applications, a list of 23 key organisations was selected. The five winners were selected from among companies making a significant contribution to the global market for electric vehicles, components and recharging stations, as well as from those making significant investments in sustainable transport, implementing innovative solutions or developing new mobility services. The choice was made by an international board chaired by Minister Kurtyka, which included representatives of ministries, experts and practitioners in the e-mobility market from the United Kingdom, Norway and Poland, among others.

‘The last few months have been a time of very rapid acceleration in the e-mobility market. The pandemic period has clearly not prevented the growth of competition in this sector either, so it should not come as a surprise to us if new leaders appear soon’, stressed the Secretary of the Global E-Mobility Leader Award board and the electromobility expert, Dr Alicja Pawłowska-Piorun, from the National Climate Change Centre.

‘Thousands of businesses from all over the world are investing in electromobility. Some companies stand out against this backdrop in a special way – they make more and more electric vehicles hit the roads, and that brings in more charging stations and the development of innovative technologies. This makes them the leaders of the electromobility market, as they contribute enormously to the pro-environmental transformation of transport’, said PSPA Managing Director, Maciej Mazur.

The Polish ‘Leaders of Electromobility 2020’ were selected on the basis of the analysis of applications in the form of detailed surveys containing 76 questions. The winners were selected from a large number of private and public companies and institutions – fleet operators and suppliers of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, components or services connected with the electromobility industry.

‘The automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation, further accelerated by the pandemic. Technology, legislation and climate change are the most important factors in the search for new e-mobility solutions. This year's award winners are on track to combine new technological solutions with customer expectations. As the head of the automotive practice at PwC Poland, I am very proud that we have been involved in the Global E-Mobility Leader and Electromobility Leader competitions from the very beginning’, said Piotr Michalczyk, partner at PwC.

The titles ‘Global e-Mobility Leader 2020’ went to BMW (as one of the five leading electric car manufacturers in the world, dynamically expanding the BEV and PHEV range), Hyundai (which is one of the global leaders in the sale of vehicles with alternative drives, with a portfolio containing hydrogen models, among others), Ionity (an international operator implementing an ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure network), Renault (developing a comprehensive electromobility ecosystem based on the production of electric cars, car sharing and energy storage technologies) and Solaris Bus & Coach (a leading supplier of electric buses in Europe).

The titles of the Polish ‘Leader of Electromobility 2020’ went to GARO Polska (the company's Szczecin factory has produced over 30,000 charging stations over the last year), Arval Service Lease Polska (the company has introduced instruments to facilitate EV financing in the Polish market and has undertaken educational activities on electromobility), InPost (the company is strongly developing its fleet of electric vans) and the ORLEN Capital Group (it has made a significant contribution to the expansion of the Polish network of publicly available charging infrastructure). In addition, the jury awarded three distinctions in this competition, which were received by Born Electric (the company has developed, among others, an innovative system for managing EV traction batteries), No Limit (the company develops electromobility in the TSL sector) and GreenWay Polska (the largest charging station operator in Poland).

The Global e-Mobility Forum 2020, where these prizes were awarded, was attended by Inger Andersen, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, Adina Vălean, Commissioner for Transport of the European Commission, Nadim Zahawi, UK Minister for Enterprise and Industry, and many other representatives of public administration, business and science from around the world. Poland was represented by Minister Michał Kurtyka, who also hosted the conference. The event was organised in an online format by the National Climate Change Centre, the Institute for Environmental Protection – State Research Institute and the Polish Association of Alternative Fuels.

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