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The auction of 30 paintings from the “The Art of Perception” auction related to the 30th anniversary of PwC brought PLN 680,000. These funds will be used for special projects which will be performed by four social organizations.


Thanks to the cooperation between PwC Polska, the DESA Unicum auction house and the painter Michał Zaborowski, a unique collection of 30 paintings was gathered, portraying personalities from the areas of culture, sports, social life, and business. On 22 October, 7.30 PM, during a special event in Warsaw, all the paintings from “The Art of Perception” collection were sold. In total the paintings were valued at PLN 680,000. The DESA application allowed everyone to participate in the auction online.

The highest bids were for the portraits of three icons of Polish music and songs. The painting of Kora was purchased for PLN 160,000, the painting of Anna Maria Jopek sold for PLN 40,000, and the portrait of Kayah for PLN 32,000. “The Art of Perception” collection painted by Michał Zaborowski included portraits of such icons of Polish film, music and literature as: Krzysztof Penderecki, Krzysztof Zanussi, Anna Dymna, Muniek Staszczyk but also Wisława Szymborska, Janusz Gajos and Wojciech Młynarski. Outstanding sportsmen were also portrayed, such as Adam Małysz, Robert Korzeniowski or Robert Lewandowski, and businessmen such as  Dariusz Miłek, Krzysztof Pawiński or Jan Kulczyk and Jan Wejchert. The initial price of each painting was PLN 1000.

The catalogue with all Michał Zaborowski’s paintings may be viewed on the sites: and

All proceeds from the auction will be earmarked for the projects of four dynamic NGOs: the Empowering Children Foundation, the Center for Citizenship Education, the Integration Foundation and the Foundation for Social Innovation.

To the Empowering Children Foundation – for building a professional call centre for 116 111 – the helpline for children and young people

For the last 13 years the Empowering Children Foundation has been running the 116 111 helpline for children and young people. Children who are about to attempt suicide, when they cannot see the sense in life or cannot bear the loneliness call the line. Since the beginning of its operation the helpline consultants received over 1.4 million calls asking for help. Psychological and psychiatric help for children in Poland is in a dramatic crisis. We see the huge need to act and to develop the helpline because for many children this is the only available form of help. 

The 116 111 telephone rings incessantly. We receive 200-300 calls a day and 800 to 1500 messages a month. The numbers keep growing, therefore we are constantly developing our capacity to help children. This is connected with the need to increase the number of consultants and improve their working conditions. The Foundation will use the funds from the auction to purchase equipment and appropriate soundproofing of the rooms which will enable it to even better respond to the calling children’s needs and improve the working conditions of the consultants.

To the Center for Citizenship Education for the “Resilient Schools” project

During the Coronavirus epidemic students are uncertain and sad due to the closing of schools. Many have no motivation to study. Such a situation already is severe, but it will have an impact on their further functioning. Teachers are a great support to many students in these tough times. However, they too are in a difficult position – they need new pedagogical and psychological knowledge and must adapt their working methods to remote learning.

“Resilient schools” is the support that will enable teachers to more effectively respond to challenges arising in consequence of the Coronavirus epidemic. This is a cycle of webinars is aimed at increasing competences, materials with guidelines and class scenarios concerning, among other things, reintegration of classes, revival of motivation, evening out the levels of knowledge and the capability of learning. We will reach 10,000 teachers which will allow us to impact the school experience of approximately one million students.

The Integration Foundation – “Ask the Advisor” project

The “Ask the Advisor” project allows people to overcome their greatest troubles in life. It is addressed to the disabled and to their environment, including young people and seniors, and it covers a wide range of diverse social, legal, psychological and professional advice, taking into consideration the pandemic situation. Much changed during the pandemic, including the rules for issuing disability certificates. Many public offices became difficult to access. Persons with disabilities lost their traditional sources of information and support. Many do not go out of their homes at all. Social problems related to loneliness, poverty, violence or depression became more acute. The number of contacts with other people decreased, therefore, it became more difficult to exchange information. “Ask the Advisor” is a comprehensive plan to support the disabled and to enable them and their close relatives (during direct meetings, telephone conversations or video chats) to consult specialists such as lawyers, social advisors, psychologists and occupational advisors. Professional support of Integration experts is invaluable. The project also covers developing five topical e-brochures and expanding the portal.

Foundation for Social Innovation – the “Wozownia Café” project

The Social Innovation Foundation (FIS) was established to implement social and occupational activation programmes in the social enterprises created by the Foundation, where the profit earned is reinvested to support young people in difficult circumstances. The social enterprises run by FIS are a bridge leading young people to the labour market. The Wozownia Café is one of the social enterprises in which foster children (from Child Care Homes) find their first safe employment and gain experience. Occupational education in practice has an impact on the perception of oneself on the labour market in the future and on acquiring competences valued by employers. The funds acquired during the auction will help the Foundation adapt the Old Coach House (Stara Wozownia) in the Orunia park in Gdańsk to provide catering services, so as to improve the working conditions and enable the café to function throughout the year.

Money from the auction will be offered to the Empowering Children Foundation, the Center for Citizenship Education, the Integration Foundation and the Foundation for Social Innovation. The amount we managed to auction off is impressive. We would once again wish to thank everyone who participated in the auction and therefore contributed to this exceptional celebration of the 30th anniversary of PwC’s presence in Poland

Adam Krasoń
PwC Country Managing Partner in Poland

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