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PwC Polska leader in technology development according to the ranking of advisors of "Rzeczpospolita" and "Parkiet"

In the latest edition of the ranking of tax advisors prepared by "Rzeczpospolita" and "Gazeta Giełdy i Inwestorów Parkiet", PwC Polska won a special award for leader in the development of modern technologies. In addition, the editors appreciated PwC for its innovations, e.g. for its tax calculators related to the Polish Deal. Additionally, PwC Polska won the award for the greatest contribution to the creation of good tax law. Furthermore, PwC Polska was distinguished as the firm serving the most listed companies. Individual awards went to: Mikołaj Woźniak - leader in compliance consulting and Piotr Wiewiórka - recommendation in the area of transfer pricing.

"The changes taking place at a global level and the development of technologies that improve the running of business translate directly into an increase in demand for services in the field of tax - regulations are increasingly complex and require much faster responses, thus leading companies to reach for experts more often. As technology is present in every aspect of our lives, it also influences the tax consultancy industry and the functioning of enterprises"

- says Jan Wacławek, managing partner of the Tax and Legal Department at PwC Polska.

As Rzeczpospolita wrote: "since technology and digitalization have already entered taxation for good, the editors decided to award a distinction for the leader in the development of modern technologies. The title goes to PwC, a company that invariably wins awards and distinctions for innovation and, in addition, constantly introduces new products to improve the work of advisers". The journalists of "Rz" honoured us with a special award, among others, for Taxolite, a comprehensive tool for digital tax reporting. This application can integrate with many data sources and all ERP systems, without the need to make changes to the systems. Among other things, it allows for the automation of tax settlement processes in terms of calculations, declarations, JPK, as well as e-reports, payment congestion and structured invoices. The Taxolite platform is continuously expanded under PwC's strategic partnership with Microsoft.

"It is hard to imagine a secure real-time tax function without the use of modern technological solutions. And we at PwC Polska ensure this. It is our priority"

- adds Marcin Sidelnik, partner at PwC Polska, responsible for technology development in taxation and PwC's strategic partnership with Microsoft.

Additionally, the jury of "Rzeczpospolita" awarded PwC for the favourable for taxpayers ruling of the EU Court of Justice on the VAT rate for fast food meals. The CJEU confirmed in this spectacular case (dated 22 April 2021, C-703/19) that 5 per cent VAT can be applied to the sale of takeaway meals, which follows from Polish legislation. Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance, in a 2016 general interpretation, considered such sales to be subject to 8 per cent VAT. The jury members appreciated the practical significance of the judgment for taxpayers. Its effect was the positive ending of many litigation in courts. The judgment also led to the formation of a unified line of jurisprudence of the Supreme Administrative Court. Clients of PwC Polska were represented in this case by Jakub Matusiak, partner in PwC Polska and Radosław Baraniewicz, senior manager in PwC Polska.

The Tax, Legal & People department employs nearly 700 people in Poland. In the whole of PwC Poland people connected with technology constitute a team of over 1500 people.


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