Five lifehacks of how to pass CIMA objective test exams

15.09.2022; 5:30 pm CET

Pass your CIMA exam on the first try!

Did you know that..

The higher the level of the CIMA exam, the more theoretical and situational questions in the objective test exams. 50-75% of strategic level exams (E3, P3, F3) do not require calculations, only good judgement. The most tricky type of task is a question with the requirement to "select ALL that apply", i.e. multiple response, for example, choose 2 correct answers from a list of 8 possible answers.


With this in mind ...

We would like to invite for a special webinar where PwC's Academy trainer of CIMA courses will share tips:

  • What is the general approach of exam maker to design tests
  • What are the most common errors build into questions
  • How to answer multiple choice test questions.


This workshop is to:

  • inspire candidates to take/retake the CIMA exams;
  • equip candidates with the techniques of answering the multiple-choice questions;
  • increase the percentage of correct answers and the number of "lucky" candidates.


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Additional information

Data / time: September 15, 2022, from 5.30 to 6.30 pm CET (60 min)

Format: Live Online workshop, interactive tests in Mentimeter

Price: Free of charge

Language: English

Tutor: Svitlana Zasukhina, MBA, CFA, ACMA/CGMA, CIA, senior manager at PwC's Academy Poland

For whom: Candidates taking or planning to take CIMA objective test exams (E1, P1, F1, E2, P2, F2, E3, P3, F3)



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Svitlana Zasukhina

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