Cost Accounting and Management

Cost accounting and management are priorities for organisations facing strong competition.
We have developed this program to cover both traditional and advanced methods and techniques used to account, analyse and manage costs.

Learning objectives

  • Understand and apply basic concepts, methods and approaches of cost accounting to different organisations and for different reasons.
  • Apply various techniques such as activity-based costing, Kaizen, value analysis, target costing, life cycle to analyse and manage costs.
  • Prepare cost analysis and reports to enable management to make informed decisions.

Additional information

Target audience

CFOs, finance business partners, management accountants, financial / cost controllers, planning and analysis specialists, internal auditors, accountants.

Timing and delivery

16 academic hours. Sessions can be in-person or delivered virtually:
- 2 days (9:00 – 16:30)
- 4 webinars (9:00 – 12:15)
We offer this course in a closed form, tailored to the needs of a given client.


Training program

The training program below is a sample and can be modified to meet the unique business needs of the organization.

Main costing concepts
  • Cost elements, cost structure, cost behaviour, cost drivers.

Application of the costing
concepts to different
organisations andcost objects
  • Job costing.
  • Batch costing.
  • Process costing.

Reasoning and application
of the main
costing methods
  • Marginal costing.
  • Absorption costing.
  • Reconciliation.


Main costing approaches

  • Actual costing.
  • Normal costing.
  • Standard costing.


Variance analysis

  • Variance calculations.
  • Reconciliation reports.
  • Standard costing automation.




Product and service
costing using ABC

  • Basic steps to calculating an activity based cost.
  • ABC: benefits and limitations.
  • Direct product profitability (DPP) within the retail sector.
  • Customer profitability analysis (CPA).
  • Distribution channel profitability.
  • Time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC).
  • Activity-based management (ABM).
Kaizen and continuous
  • Kaizen costing versus standard costing concepts.


Value adding analysis

  • Value chain analysis.
  • Value analysis.
  • Functional analysis.


Target costing

  • Target costing stages.
  • Target costs and standard costs.
  • Kaizen costing and target costing.
Life cycle costing
  • Product / customer life cycle budget.

Organisational information

Number of participants

The Client can include up to 20 members of their team in the session.


Please contact us. Because of flexible deployment of the program, the price is determined individually and will depend on the scope and unique business needs of the client.

Proposed date

Please contact us. The training session will be delivered at a time agreed upon by PwC’s Academy and the Client. Trainers will be dedicated to conduct the training session according to their availability.


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