CIMA Management Level

E2, P2, F2, Management Case Study

Take three Objective Tests and Management Case Study exam

Management Level is the second level of the CIMA Professional Qualification.

It focuses on the role of the finance manager in translating the long-term strategy into medium-term plans.


Key knowledge areas:

  • Mechanisms to implement decisions and manage people performance.
  • Making medium-term decisions and managing costs and performance.
  • Analysing and communicating insights about the performance of the organisation.

Candidates who complete this level are awarded with CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA Adv Dip MA). Graduates can progress into the Strategic level, after which they will become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA®).



Dates: Spring 2024


Dates: Spring 2024


  • 24.06.2024
  • 01.07.2024
  • 10-12.07.2024

Duration: 30 hours, 8:30 am till 02:30 pm CET with two 15 minute coffee breaks

CIMA Management Case Study - Revision

for exam in Aug.2024

Workshop: 8 August

Workshop: 9 August

MOCK exam deadline: 11 August (to be assessed by PwC trainer)

CIMA exam dates: 14-16 August

CIMA exam results: 4 October

Duration: 12 hours, 8:30 am till 02:30 pm CET with two 15 minute coffee breaks 

Format: Live / Online classes 

CIMA Management Case Study

for exam in May 2024

  • 05 October 2024
  • 12 October 2024
  • 19 October 2024
  • 26 October 2024

Mock exam deadline: 03 November 2024

Individual one-to-one meeting: 04-12 November 2024 (1.5h)

CIMA exam dates: 13-15 November 2024 

CIMA exam results: 9 January 2025 

Duration: 30 hours, 8:30 am till 03:00 pm CET with two 15 minute coffee breaks 

Format: Live/Online classes

Tutors :



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F2 Exam "Advanced Financial Reporting"

A. Financing capital projects

B. Financial reporting standards

C. Group accounts

D. Integrated reporting

E. Analysing financial statements


E2 Exam “Managing Performance” 

A. Business models and value creation

B. Managing people performance

C. Managing projects


P2 Exam "Advanced Management Accounting"

A. Managing the costs of creating value

B. Capital investment decision making

C. Managing and controlling the performance of organisational units

D. Risk and control


• Available on demand throughout the year.

• Taken in Pearson VUE exam centers or from home through online proctoring.

• Computer-based.

• 90 minutes long.

• 60 questions.

• Pass mark – 100 out of 150.

• In general, three exams should take 9 to 12 months. 

3 hour long, computer-based, essay-style exam. Case Study exams reflect a real life business scenario, comprising a series of tasks set for students to complete. 

Regular price of one module (F2/P2/E2): PLN 2 800 / EUR 630 (excluding VAT)*

Regular price of MCS (Revision course): PLN 1 500 / EUR 340 (excluding VAT)*

Regular price of MCS: PLN 3 400 / EUR 760 (excluding VAT)*

Price includes the following:

─ Comprehensive preparatory course for the exam.

─ Learning materials.

─ MOCK exams.

─ Remote tutor support.

Price does not include any CIMA fees (exam fee, membership fee, annual subscription).

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